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Date listed: 3/3/2020


My beloved step-mum, it’s 21 years ago today since you slipped away from us. You are often silently but lovingly remembered for the things you said and did. For the pranks you played & the sheer pleasure you had in watching the unknown one discover. I miss you singing ’You are my sunshine, my only sunshine’. Wish we could still share those special moments together (and pranks). Thank you for your incredible love you gave us both in sunny & stormy times. I am exceedingly grateful to have had you in our lives. Wish you were here to share our lives together today. I know that we would have so many laughs together. And you would be so so proud of all of us. I will always hold you very dear in my heart forever my beautiful mum.

X Thank you for being you.

Publication: NT News

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