Drug dealer: 'What's that thing I sell? Ice is it?'

PHONE intercepts between a trafficker and her drug supplier indicated an "enthusiastic approach" but not a lot of "knowledge" of the business, according to Crown prosecutor Michael Cowen.

Flametree woman Lauren May Prosser, 31, pleaded guilty to trafficking marijuana, methylamphetamine and cocaine from December 2014 to May 2015 in the Supreme Court in Mackay this week.

Mr Cowen said the offending was detected when police intercepted calls between Prosser and an Airlie Beach drug dealer who was under investigation.

In one call, Prosser had greeted the man by saying "Hello, fellow drug dealer" and had gone on to order a gram of methylamphetamine.

"In another call, she said 'So

it looks like I've got this, like, roaring drug trade for you'," Mr Cowen said.

Mr Cowen said Prosser was an unsophisticated drug dealer, who had "no idea as to coded language or terminology".

"Yeah, that thing I sell, what is it even called? Ice is it? Is it ice?" the woman had said in one call.

"(Her supplier) confirmed that it was and asked if she wanted half a gram," Mr Cowen said.

Mr Cowen said Prosser would typically sell drugs in quantities similar to what she ordered from her supplier. For example, she would buy an ounce of marijuana for $80 and sell it for $100.

Prosser's home was raided on May 28 last year.

Defence barrister Stephen Byrne said Prosser had suffered depression and anxiety and had self-medicated with marijuana.

Mr Byrne said in November 2012, Prosser was in a car crash that left her and her two sons badly injured. She was hospitalised for three weeks and is yet to undergo a hip operation.

Mr Byrne said as a result of the crash, the woman was in partial remission from PTSD. She'd progressed from using marijuana casually to selling drugs to support her habit.

He said Prosser was 12 weeks' pregnant to her partner, who she'd been with for 18 months. The baby is due on December 19.

Mr Byrne provided eight characters references from Prosser's employer, family and friends, many of which were in court to support her.

Justice Duncan McMeekin said while Prosser's customer base and turnover couldn't be identified from the phone intercepts, it was clear she had been "quite busy".

"It's clear from the comments made in the intercepted telephone calls that you were quite keen to make money from this," he said.

"Certainly you made comments that suggest that you were quite keen to build up your business."

The judge said it was a shame that someone with no history had started a criminal career in "such a spectacular fashion".

Yet he said she had good prospects of rehabilitation.

Prosser was sentenced to four years in jail. The sentence will be suspended after nine months.

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