Witness tells court NRL agent lifted and threw jockey in pub

Shaun Miles.
Shaun Miles. Contributed

THE man accused of killing jockey Shaun Miles in a Kingaroy pub told him three times he did not want to fight, a court heard.

Paul Bruce Sutton has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to the manslaughter of Mr Miles.

Mr Sutton and Mr Miles allegedly had a series of run-ins at the Club Hotel on May 23, 2013.

The court heard on Thursday how Mr Miles originally took offence to a comment he believed Mr Sutton, an NRL agent, made about Kingaroy women.

After the pair had a brief argument they again ran into each other in the pub's beer garden.

The court heard Christopher Lincoln who was standing with Mr Miles in the beer garden, said in a statement to police that Mr Sutton repeatedly told Mr Miles before the altercation began that he did not want to fight.

Mr Lincoln said Mr Miles put his drink down and took a swing at Mr Sutton.

He said Mr Sutton then grabbed Mr Miles, lifted him and threw him.

"Shaun was so little and light the throw threw him to the concrete and he landed on his bum and hit his head," Mr Lincoln's statement said.

He told the court Mr Miles's head made a "horrible thud" when it hit the ground.

Witness Lisa Presnell said after Mr Miles hit his head he had a few small blood drops on his shirt but seemed otherwise uninjured.

The prosecution claims Mr Sutton used more force than was "reasonably necessary" to stop a fight with Mr Miles and his death after being thrown onto concrete could have been foreseen.

Mr Miles left before his friends but did not make it home before he died.

Mrs Presnell said she received a text from Mr Miles's wife saying he had not made it home. She drove along his route home and checked another bar but could not see him.

The trial continues.

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