Darryl "Digger" Burley, David Blacket, Fred Brophy and Anne -Marie Donovan in Fred's boxing tent at Birdsville Races sipping "Lets Dance".

Winery’s latest drop a good reason to dance

AMID the on and off- track action at this year’s Birdsville Races, the Riversands team were on board to make sure nobody went thirsty, premiering their newest sparkling wine.

‘Let’s Dance’ is a dry sparkling, based on chardonnay grapes with pear and citrus aromas and a zesty palate, according to owner David Blacket.

“It has received great reviews, and has been dancing out the door since it’s release,” he told The Beacon.

“It complements our sweeter sparkling wine, ‘Sparkling Sisters’, which was first released in 2018.”

Inspired by a David Bowie song played after a dinner party enjoyed with friends, Alison Blacket, the latest wine was keeping it in the family with the inclusion of her sister’s artwork.

“My sister Rosie was excited witht eh commission to create the artwork to match the name as she did for the Sparkling Sisters label. The end result is a self portrait of Rosie and her talented dance partner Ian doing swing,” she said.

For Rosie, the painting depicts a happy moment on the dance floor.

“I love the name of the wine that Alison chose. It beckons you intot he state of joy and freedom, letting go of the worries of the day,” she said.

“Let’s Dance tastes superb, it has become my favourite Riversands wine. My ideal is to drink it when enjoying an antipasto platter with some prosciutto, olices, cheese and light sourdough and then of course to dance. Never stop dancing.”

Let’s Dance retails for $25/bottle or $259/dozen. You can order directly from cellar phone 1800 357 622, or visit the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show 25-27 October.

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