IN COURT: Claudia Combarngo and her partner Tristan Hooper. Pic: Bev Lacey
IN COURT: Claudia Combarngo and her partner Tristan Hooper. Pic: Bev Lacey

Wilsonton Nine victim’s daughter sentenced in Chinchilla court

Just weeks after sitting through her mother's horrific murder trial in Toowoomba, Claudia Joyce Combarngo found herself before a magistrate for minor traffic offences - but her extensive criminal history meant she was likely to face time behind bars.

Combarngo's mother was killed inside a Toowoomba unit in May 2018, which resulted in a group of people known to the woman, known as The Wilsonton Nine, being charged in relation to her death.

As the young mother nervously waited to hear her fate, her 12-month old baby could be heard crying from the courtyard of the Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Wednesday, February 3.

Police prosecutor Derrick Brady said while on parole for serious offences involving cars, and on a court suspended licence, the 27-year-old was involved in a minor traffic crash in August 2020.

Sergeant Brady said after following too closely, Combarngo rear-ended a Subaru at the roundabout on Middle St about midday, and after she failed to stop the Subaru chased after her along Chinchilla Tara Rd.

The court heard Combarngo had been racing to a vet while her partner held their dying dog in the back seat of their car.

Combarngo's partner of five years did have a current licence, although the court heard due to past traumatic events, especially witnessing her mother's death, the young mum made the decision to drive rather than stay with their pet which died.

Both the police prosecution and Combarngo's defence lawyer made the submission to Magistrate Tracy Mossop to impose a suspended term of imprisonment.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said over the past three months Combarngo had made significant changes to better her life and become a productive member of society - but said she needed to impose a sentence to punish and deter her from continuing to commit crimes.

"I seemed across the bar table… the best way to deal with you, to keep you on your path of rehabilitation, but to still punish you, would be a suspended sentence of imprisonment," she told Combarngo.
Combarngo pleaded guilty to driving without a licence disqualified by a court order, failing to comply with duties of driving involved in a crash, and keeping a safe distance behind vehicles.

For driving without a licence, Combarngo was sentenced to six months of imprisonment wholly suspended for two years.

For the remaining offences, Combarngo was convicted and not further punished.

Convictions were recorded for all offences.




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