Valuable life lessons my dad taught me: opinion

IN THE lead up to Father's Day this Sunday I have taken a moment to look back at all the things my dad has taught me over the years.

I'm quite proud to say my dad is the best. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the person I am today without his love, support and guidance.

Every child should have at least one male role model in their lives but unfortunately with the fragmented family dynamics we have these days, many children lack this in their lives and I find that rather sad.

Many dads are pivotal role models for their children and I'm really glad my dad has been there for me every day of my life.

I guess the most valuable lesson my dad has taught me is to never give up no matter how hard something seems to be. And if you do fail, get back up, dust yourself off and give it another go.

Although he may not appreciate my random phone calls on how to do something or asking him to come and help me fix something, he never says no.

Some of the life skills my dad has taught me are:

  1. Learn to drive at about 10 years of age (even if it was to tow his old tractor to get it started).
  2. Learn to drive the old tractor.
  3. How to put back a motor into an old ute.
  4. How to build a barbecue area and to be aware when large pieces of timber are over your head as sometimes dads aren't the super strong heroes we think they are and can manage to drop things.
  5. How to ride a motorbike; which I think is where my love for motocross and fast cars comes from.

Yes I know these aren't all your typical girlie things one should know but I'm not your typical girl.

And for that I thank my dad.

Whatever you do this Father's Day, make sure you take time to reflect on the things your dad has taught you because he won't be around forever. Happy Father's Day dad and thanks for your valuable lessons.

What have you learnt from your dad? Join the discussion and tell us below

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