POSTPONED NOT CANCELLED: Kate Harrison and Tim Camplin had plans to get married next weekend but it's been postponed due to coronavirus.
POSTPONED NOT CANCELLED: Kate Harrison and Tim Camplin had plans to get married next weekend but it's been postponed due to coronavirus.

Wedding restrictions leaves one Chinchilla bride-to-be in tears

WAKING up in the morning looking over the property with green grass, full dams and a newly built deck and jetty brought such joy to Kate Harrison because it’s the prefect picturesque location for the wedding which was scheduled for next weekend.

Days away from walking down to the aisle to marry her soul mate Tim Camplin, that joy has been ripped out from underneath, leaving her in tears.

Kate was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone her wedding on Monday after the Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced travel and bans and limits on wedding throughout Australia in the hopes of curbing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Only the couple, a celebrant and two witnesses are allowed at Australian weddings for the foreseeable future.

A stark contrast for Kate and Tim, who planned to have 200 guests witness their marriage on the property near Chinchilla.

“Tim’s child lives in Victoria so due to the COVID-19 it was unsafe for him to travel, plus I’ve got two children who live in Townsville so they couldn’t come either,” Kate said.

“I felt that it wouldn’t be the same without all the kids.

“Plus, my in-laws are in their 70s and my parents are in their late 60s, and they all must travel out this way, so we decided to postpone it.

“It was very hard and sad day.”

The couple met online almost five years ago in April before she moved to Chinchilla to be with Tim.

Tim proposed in 2018, but the road from there has been a rollercoaster.

While Tim was working as a farmhand on a property during the drought, times got too tough and his hours got reduced to four a week.

His boss advised that he get a new job.

They also lived on the farm we Tim was employed and where told they could stay there as long as they needed.

However, when he found a new job, the landowner changed his mind, forcing them to go and find somewhere else to live.

“Then the rain came, so his new job got delayed,” Kate said.

“He didn’t have work because of the drought, and then he didn’t have a job because of the rain, so Tim became depressed at the time and the one thing we were holding onto to was our wedding.

“It was that one ray of light, that all our family comes and celebrates with us. One thing we were holding onto that was good at the time.

“Then the coronavirus reared its ugly head.”

Despite being forced to make the tough decision to reschedule their special day, Kate said she is trying as much as possible to keep in good spirits.

Tim also build a deck and jetty, and just the final touches were needed, but with all the extra time the couple will now be able to finish the other projects to add to their special day down the track.

“There is this inside joke that because we were getting married in the evening, Tim and his best man might have had too much fun during the day and not be able to walk down the aisle,” Kate said jokingly.

“People suggested getting two wheelbarrows to wheel them down before I arrived.

“I haven’t gotten them yet, but now with all this time I will be able to go out and buy them.”

With no immediate plans right now as to when the wedding date will be, the couple are waiting for this pandemic to pass and in the meantime will look for somewhere new to live.

“Everyone was a little disappointed,” Harrison said.

“My Aunty posted this beautiful on our Facebook post which said ‘at the end of all of this, it’s a great cause for a bigger celebration”.

“That’s what we are looking forward to.”

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