SHOCKING footage has emerged of a toddler playing with a python outside his home.

It shows a boy coiled up in the beast and being dragged as it slithers away.

The child laughs and chases the snake unaware of the potential danger.

At one point the boy picks up the reptile's head and drops it on the ground.

The footage was taken on August 31 in East Java Province, Indonesia.

It's been viewed 40,000 times since it was uploaded on YouTube three days ago.

Concerned viewers expressed outrage that this could happen.

"That snake isn't patient. Its full. If that thing was hungry that boy would be dead," one viewer wrote.

Another responded: "lets see if they still be laughing when that python grab the boy by his leg and wraps him around suffocate him to death..!"

Others said the parents should face prosecution for child neglect.

"Those parents need locking up for allowing their kid to do this, it's absolutely shocking. Good job the snake is full, that child would be dead in a heartbeat. Disgusting!!"

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