There have been 65 near drownings in Queensland this month with nearly half involving children under the age of 12.

Paramedics are raising the alarm after 29 children under 12 have had near-drownings or immersion incidents, with most happening in backyard pools.

QAS Acting Director of clinical quality and patient safety Lachlan Parker urged parents and family against complacency around water.

"We have seen an alarming number of an increase in near drowning incidents in Queensland, most of these near drownings are preventable," Mr Parker said.

"The statistics are very clear that the vast majority of drownings or near drownings occur in backyard pools and for toddlers or young children aged 0-4 near drownings are one of the highest leading causes of death in that age group."

Just yesterday a baby needed CPR on the Sunshine Coast after nearly drowning, luckily the baby was taken to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and is now stable.

A toddler nearly drowned at South Bank beach on Wednesday afternoon. She is now in a stable condition.

Two boys were rushed to hospital in serious conditions after a near drowning at a home in Redland Bay on Tuesday morning.

A little girl was taken to hospital in a critical condition on Sunday after she was submerged in water in Arana Hills.

These four incidents have happened in just the past four days.

High Acuity Response Unit Paramedic Natasha Adams, who is a mother of three children under 12 stresses the importance of keeping within arms reach of children in water.

"This is quite a high volume of near drownings or immersion and it is quite worrying and we attend these cases quite often and it can be really devastating for us and really devastating for the families," Ms Adams said.

"What is really important is that we need to supervise people around these places and when we are swimming and we need to not substitute anything for supervision."

Paramedics say prevention is the best way to stop the incidents so keep within arms reach of children in water, close pool gates, don't swim while under the influence and don't swim at night.

They also urged the public to be well versed in CPR just in case that moment arises.

"In an incident yesterday we had bystanders in helping lifeguards, family members and members of the public that really drew together to help people survive," she said.

Originally published as Urgent plea over horror drowning statistic

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