SPREADING THE WORD: The Bible Van will be in Chinchilla next week.
SPREADING THE WORD: The Bible Van will be in Chinchilla next week. Contributed

Unique exhibition featuring 300-year-old Bible on the way

HAVE you ever held a coin from the first century?

You'll have the chance to do that and much more next week as the Bible Exhibition comes to town.

Featuring a complete Bible from 1723 and a page dating all the way back to 1539, there's plenty to entice believers, sceptics, and history buffs alike.

Bryan Stewart owns the historical exhibition along with his wife Dawn, and said he's excited to bring it to town.

"Being an Irish 'country boy' I enjoy the atmosphere of Australian country towns,” Bryan said.

The exhibition covers both the history of the spread of the gospel as well as the history of the writing and translation of the Bible.

Bryan said getting people through the door is often the hard part, but once they come, word spreads quickly.

The exhibition is not just for believers, Bryan said, recalling many great conversations with sceptics who had visited out of curiosity.

Nonetheless, as a Christian he said it's incredible to see the impact the displays can have.

"I can't really describe in words what it's like to be able to bring the message of the Bible alive to people, just to have somebody stand beside you and weep at the reality of the message of Bible and these artefacts and bring that to life,” he said.

"Just to see that impact is personally very important to us, because that's what we're fundamentally about, is sharing the message of the Bible. "So when people see these things and the message of the Bibles come alive to them and has an impact upon them, that's very rewarding.”

Chinchilla is a long way from home for Bryan, who lives in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

He got the idea to come to town thanks to his friends Dave and Meryl Delley.

The Delley's operate the Australian Bible Van - a 1927 Chevrolet - and use it to travel the country, including visiting the Chinchilla Show for the past couple of years.

Meryl said the van always gets plenty of attention from people of all ages.

"People that remember those cars that are older people, and those who are interested in anything different, and the Scripture verses (on the side of the van) are the ones that were originally on it back in 1927.”

The van will be at the Chinchilla Show and the Bible Exhibition at the Chinchilla Cultural Centre on May 28-30, which is open from 11am-5pm daily. Entry is free.

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