Two compensations claims lodged over Aurizon work injuries

AURIZON is facing two compensation claims for injuries suffered by workers in Rockhampton and Gladstone.

Benjamin Devenish is suing the company for $749,651.95 after a shoulder injury from September 2012.

Papers filed in Rockhampton's District Court show Mr Devenish had been working at Aurizon's Rockhampton workshop as a second-year apprentice electrician when the injury happened.

The documents state Mr Devenish had been manually changing a brush cover underneath a locomotive when he felt pain in his shoulder after pulling on the handle securing the cover.

The papers allege the work area in the pit was "very restricted", and "the confined space meant (Mr Devenish's) stance was awkward".

As a result of the injury, Mr Devenish said he suffered ongoing pain and could no longer work in heavy manual employment.

Before the injury, he had taken voluntary redundancy intending to start a handyman business, something he said he could not do as a result of pain in his shoulder.

He is suing for pain and suffering, future and past economic and superannuation loss, medical expenses and special damages.

In a separate claim, Ross Neill is also suing following a knee injury.

According to papers filed in Rockhampton District Court, Mr Neill was preparing to shunt four locomotives at the Westwood Depot in October 2012 when he fell into a "deep hole" about 40cm wide and 15cm deep.

The papers allege the injury was a result of Aurizon failing to park the locomotives in areas where there was a safe area for workers to walk on adjacent to the track.

Mr Neill "suffered significant pain and discomfort" in his knee since the injury and will need a knee replacement five to 10 years earlier than he would have with his pre-existing condition alone.

He is suing for more than $100,000 covering past and future economic loss and medical expenses.

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