The RACQ is asking motorists to be wary of the changes.
The RACQ is asking motorists to be wary of the changes.

Truck lane restrictions begin tomorrow

DRIVERS are reminded to be aware of the lane changes that will take place tomorrow on the M1. 

As of August 1 heavy vehicles must drive the left-hand lanes only, as part of the Commonwealth Games Congestion Management plan introduced earlier this year. 

The controversial rules had been met with anger from many in the industry, with a number of drivers claiming the laws will make the road more dangerous. 

Queensland Trucking Association CEO Gary Mahon who had previously slammed the Government's use of demerit point penalties to enforce the ban said the government was yet to resolve the matter. 

"We will monitor what happens and get reports back from members," Mr Mahon said about the impending rule change. 

"We are keen to that see plenty will be done on the road to follow up on other motorists aswell." 

Mr Mahon said while there has been a fair amount of coverage on the law change some drivers may still not be aware.

"Undoubtedly there may be one or two that may not have heard and need to adjust to the changes," he said.

The RACQ has also reminded drivers of the change in the lead up to tomorrow, warning them to be wary of heavy vehicles confined to the left lanes.

"Motorists should be aware when entering and exiting the highway trucks legally can't move out of the two left lanes, that's even to overtake or when traffic has slowed," RACQ's Lauren Ritchie said. 

"Police will be patrolling the roads to enforce the new rules, which will continue to be law post-Commonwealth Games."

The restrictions apply to vehicles over 4.5 tonnes travelling between Springwood (Exit 20) and Nerang-Broadbeach Rd at Robina (Exit 82 southbound and Exit 79 northbound).

Heavy vehicles found to be travelling in the right lane will be fined $126 and lose 3 demerit points. 

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