Toilet roll attack causes huge damage at hotel

A TOOWOOMBA hotel has offered a reward for information about a group of women who allegedly caused thousands of dollars of damage.

The women allegedly put three toilet rolls into three upstairs toilets at Tatts Hotel Toowoomba.

The toilets then flooded causing Tatts thousands of dollars of damage to both levels of the hotel.

The attack happened on Saturday about 11pm.

"If anyone has any knowledge of this pathetic act, or perhaps witnessed these low lifes causing this damage, we would love to hear from you so we can confirm their identity," Tatts posed online.

"Please contact us through a PM or to our email"

The hotel sincerely apologised to its "valued customers" for the inconvenience caused by the attack.

The vandalism sparked a huge response online.

Kalina Wassell said: "Respect for anything these days straight out the window. Hope you find them."

Cheryl Franklin said: Low life. How could anyone get pleasure in such a awful thing to do."

Angelia Cook called the offenders filthy little brats.

"Hope you find them and ban them for life. Then hand them to the police."

Hayley Brown said it was disgusting behavior.

"Shame on them. What a pathetic thing to do! Hope they're caught."

Emily Sneddon saw the damage first-hand.

"I saw all the flooded toilets when we went in there but they were already flooded, this was around 11. So gross."

Moana Watkins also sympathised with Tatts.

"Not good at all guys pretty childish actually, hope you find the culprits.

"Some people need to grow up and learn respect before they leave their houses sheesh.

"Thinking of you guys how bloody frustrating for you."

Jessica Harrison said she would punish the women if they were her daughters.

"Hope whoever did this is caught and made to pay for the damages.

"They should be barred from all the clubs.

"If that were my daughters that did that I would drag them down there and make them apologise and clean up the mess before it had to be fixed."

Tatts declined to comment.

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