TISM revealed?
TISM revealed? AAP Image - Glenn Hunt

TISM releases new album to honour Border Force backdown

AUSTRALIAN outfit This Is Serious Mum (TISM) staged an unannounced comeback outside Tony Abbott's electorate office last night.

Locals said the street was relatively quiet at 5 pm, but that by 6 pm several trucks worth of equipment and stage scaffolding had been erected and crowds had started streaming in from nearby pubs.

"We were only hired for this yesterday morning," said one technician while leading a goat to the main stage.

"We didn't even know it was TISM until my mum called and confirmed it around lunch today.

"Apparently she knows the band somehow."

Police limited their focus to audience members who looked as though they were breaching their visas until the band began simulating the abuse of refugees during their act, at which point authorities stepped in to "prevent obvious copyright infringement."

TISM vocalist Ron Hitler-Barassi* said the short-notice gig was an attempt to "bring back the ****** into Australia and make it *** again."

"Australia used to be a place where you'd look at an immigrant and say 'Okay, ****, you can come here to work, but we're gonna treat you like **** for a generation. Then we'll love you *****'.

"Now we're too scared to do that.

"It's like we've lost our Muslim heritage."

TISM's new album There are literally Brown Shirts in Melbourne has been so successful it led to the cancellation of Border Force's Operation Fortitude.**


*I didn't make that up.

** I did make that up

Frisky Business is a satire column. It is not real.

Album song list:

  • The member from **** will stop looking at my member
  • I use wine to tolerate my kids
  • Abbott's doing a good *** for Australia
  • Flick
  • Three word bogans are ruining my hunting trip
  • James Hird should run for parliament
  • My reality is like TV except only ************* are judging me
  • Andrew Bolt is my zombie escape plan
  • Secret track we could only release because one of us has Parliamentary Privilege


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