Steve Irwin with daughter Bindi.
Steve Irwin with daughter Bindi.

Irwins hoped for third baby before Crocodile Hunter's death

TERRI and Steve Irwin discussed growing their family and trying for a third child just prior to his tragic death in 2006.

The world famous Crocodile Hunter was killed almost 11 years ago when a stingray barb pierced his chest while filming a television show off the north Queensland coast.

He left behind wife Terri and their two children Bindi, now 18, and Robert, 13.

But before he passed, the couple discussed having another child, she revealed in an interview with E! News in the United States.

"Steve said to me how excited he was when Bindi was born," she reflected.

"He said, 'Do you think we could have a boy?' And then Robert was born, and they're perfect. They're easy kids; they're wonderful to me; they're such a help."

She added: "I said to Steve, 'Let's have a third.' And he said, 'You have a girl and you have a boy. What are you hoping for?'"

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin Contributed

They never got around to expanding the Irwin clan before his death. Their children have dedicated their lives to promoting animal conservation causes in his honour.

It was a conscious decision the trio made together while coming to terms with their grief a decade ago, Terri said.

"When we lost Steve it was a real crossroads of deciding if you're just going to curl up in the corner or try to do something even bigger and better.

"The only way to honour Steve and his legacy and everything he lived for was to try to continue his work and expand on it."

The Irwins have devoted their lives to various animal conservation initiatives in honour of Steve."

Terri Irwin with Bindi and Robert.
Terri Irwin with Bindi and Robert. Contributed

Bindi, a star here and abroad, was a guest of honour at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles last night.

"This evening is so special to me, being with my beautiful family and our family of wildlife warriors," the eldest Irwin child said.

"It's such an honour to see so many people joining us … as human beings we really have to find peace and happiness and light within ourselves to be able to make a positive change in the world."

The Irwins split their time between the family's Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast and their various commitments in the US.

During an interview at the weekend, Terri hosed down persistent rumours that she and Hollywood star Russell Crowe were dating.

"He is very lucky to be embroiled in all of these great rumours," she Irwin joked during an appearance on the US entertainment TV show Access Hollywood.

"We are friends, so he did contact me and ask me if there was something I should let him know."

The media personality, zoo manager and busy mum has remained single since Steve's death.

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