LISTED: Here are ten of the baddest and most bizarre crimes to rock Chinchilla so far this year
LISTED: Here are ten of the baddest and most bizarre crimes to rock Chinchilla so far this year

Ten of Chinchilla’s bad and bizarre crimes of 2020

IN THE past four months, Chinchilla police and our courts have been kept busy by a number of crimes.

From theft, threats to highway drug charges, here are ten of the biggest and most bizarre crimes Chinchilla residents have been exposed to this year, in no particular order.

Man steals Dominos GPS off vehicle

A 27-YEAR-OLD man who stole property from a local business admitted he was under the influence of alcohol when the offence occurred.

Olivier Richard Edwin Newman faced Chinchilla Magistrates Court on March 5, for one offence of stealing.

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Cigarette DNA leads to car thief arrest

WHEN forensic detectives found a DNA match to a cigarette butt found in a stolen car, police set out looking for the suspect and found him hiding in a cupboard.

The court heard Jason Jeremy Duncan was driving a stolen car and pinched $74.94 worth of fuel from a service station in Moonie, 170km south of Chinchilla.

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Man uses stolen card credit and spends hundreds

AN ILLEGAL spending spree where hundreds of dollars was spent on alcohol and tobacco using PayWave has caught up with a 35-year-old Chinchilla man.

Kieran Richard Kelly pleaded guilty to three accounts of fraud, one account of possess utensils or pipes that have been used and one account of receiving tainted property.

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Drug dealing nanna caught drug driving assaults police

A CHINCHILLA grandmother faced a huge rap sheet at court, racking up more than 13 charges which included drug dealing, assaulting police with a water hose, driving on meth, and brawling in the courtroom.

Katrina Mona-Margaret Gibson, 44, faced Chinchillas Magistrate court on Thursday, March 19, for 14 charges which included driving high on meth, stealing, assaulting police officers, drug supply and more.

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Business owner faces court over facebook threat

A CHINCHILLA businessman who sent a threatening message to staff at the Chinchilla News after reading a court story about himself has appeared in court once again.

In February the Chinchilla Magistrates Court heard on December 23, 2019 that Jatinder Kumar was at his home when he read an online court report, published by this media company, which detailed several crimes he had committed.

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Teen caught with 20cm blade, says it was to cut up roadkill

A 19-YEAR-old faced court for carrying a knife in his car, however the sawmill worker’s excuses for carrying the weapon was he uses the blade to cut the tails off roadkill.

Nicholas Ryan Parrinder pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of a knife in a public place, at the Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday, February 6.

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Dad punches in woman’s window during brawl at BP with son

A CHINCHILLA man involved in a brawl with his son, punched his way through a woman’s car window at the Chinchilla BP service station on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

The court heard a woman had retreated to her car from the fight, when Robert Arthur Richard Farrell drunkenly smashed in her window with his fist – leaving shards of glass strewn throughout the back seat.

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METH BUST MUM: ‘Scales are for baking a cake with my kid’

WHEN police uncovered a meth cache in a Chinchilla mother’s car she said the utensils were for baking a cake with her child.

On March 19, Cortney Marree Young, 32, faced Chinchilla Magistrates Court on four charges including possessing a dangerous drug, possessing utensils or pipes that had been used, possession of property suspected of having been used in connection with the commission of a drug offence, and not wearing a seatbelt correctly.

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Magistrate laughs at motel thief during court appearance

A FORMER employee of the Chinchilla Motor Inn has pleaded guilty to stealing over $600 from motel guests and being in possession of a dangerous drug.

William John Morris pleaded guilty to eight charges of trespassing, attempted enter dwelling with intent and five charges of enter dwelling and possession of dangerous drugs on Tuesday morning at Dalby Magistrates Court.

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Driver pays price for crashing car into someone’s property

A MAN who drank about 18 beers before crashing a car into a property faced Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Scott Danial Koina pleaded guilty to one count of dangerously operating a vehicle and one account of excessive speeding.

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