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Sydneysider's heartless reaction to train fatality backfires

SYDNEY has earned itself a reputation as a loud, brash and selfish city - and this Sydneysider's response to her train being delayed proves that attitude isn't about to change anytime soon.

Trains were delayed on the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line (T4 Line) on Thursday evening, due to a fatality that occurred on the railway line between Carlton and Kogarah, in Sydney's south.

A NSW Police police spokesman said a man died around 9pm after attempting to self-harm. His death is not be treated as suspicious.

At 8:25pm, the T4 Sydney Trains Twitter account informed passengers the Bondi Junction to Waterfall service was "delayed due to a person injured by a train at Carlton".

Soon afterwards, they updated their account with another tweet: "Continue to allow extra travel time due to a fatality at Carlton."

A woman named Alice, whose last name is unknown, tweeted T4 Sydney Trains saying, "your system is broken".

They replied saying, "Hi Alice, Unfortunately the current delays are due to a fatality at Carlton. Apologies for the inconvenience."

She went on to complain further, adding, "Why does #illawarra line have more weekend track work than any other line?"

T4 Sydney Trains replied again: "Very sorry for the inconvenience of this evenings fatality causing delays to you trip Alice."

But she kept on going: "#illawarra commuters are affected more than any other. u always get @T4SydneyTrains suffer so all other lines can maintain on-time stats. Were always short straws."

When other Twitter users pointed out her comments were a little insensitive, Alice soon realised her mistake.

This morning, she said the whole thing was "all an accident" and that she didn't know she was replying to "such a tragic post".

"I was just trying to address a separate issue," she tweeted. "My deepest sympathies are with the family. Such a tragedy. I'm a rookie tweeter and didn't know I was replying to a post about a fatality."

A Sydney Trains spokesman said: "When possible, we reply to customers who mention our handles. This includes providing initial customer service, directing customers to more information about the public transport network or help with travel information."


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