BATTLERS: Chinchilla Suns AFL Club 2018 team.
BATTLERS: Chinchilla Suns AFL Club 2018 team. Contributed

Sun sets on title hopes

Aussie rules: After a tumultuous season the Chinchilla Suns confronted the Highfields Lions at Rockville Oval on Saturday, September 1, to battle it out for the Adrian Jericho Division 2 Shield.

What a night it was in Toowoomba: Wind blowing through from the Antarctic and dust blasting any exposed skin it could find.

That didn't stop the Suns players from turning up to play a great game of football, fighting hard to ensure the year finished on a positive note.

The first quarter started with all the excitement expected from this type of game and the Suns were able to show they weren't there just to make up the numbers, fighting well to kick the first goal of the game and take the early lead.

The tight contest continued throughout the quarter with the wind proving challenging when trying to move the ball long down the ground.

As the first quarter closed, the Suns were facing a small deficit on the scoreboard.

The second and third quarters continued in the same vein as the first, both teams not only battling hard against each other but also the elements.

While the Suns where able to ensure Highfields knew they were always challenged, their inability to make the most of opportunities in the tough conditions proved the problem, with the Suns going into the final term with a five-goal deficit.

In the final term, the Suns again battled hard and provided some great moments of football but it was their lack of effect- iveness which proved the final hurdle. The Suns were defeated by the Highfields Lions 11.8.74 to 3.11.29, after a great contest.

Overall the year was been a challenge in the Division 1 competition with a clear gap between the top teams and those below halfway.

The Suns look forward to a much-improved year on the field in 2019.

Club president Troy Wischnat said they had success with community support and volunteers involved with the club.

"Next year we again want to field our stand-alone junior teams to complement the senior men,” Wischnat said.

"Thanks again for all the support we received from the community and to all those who give time to help support the club. It is greatly appreciated and allows our town to have access to the greatest game of all.”

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