Street Science's Steve Liddell.
Street Science's Steve Liddell. Contributed

Street science returns to town with fiery new show

THE World Science Festival is sparking to life this weekend and, with it, will come everything from fire tornadoes to Thomas Edison's light bulb.

As part of the festivities on Saturday Street Science will return with a brand new show Blasting the Past.

Street Science owner and director Steven Liddel said the show will take a look at some of the "game changers” in science during the past 400-500 years and bring some of their big inventions and discoveries to life.

"We're talking about fire tornadoes with beautiful large green tornadoes made from fire live on stage, we're going to recreate Thomas Edison's light bulb, and many other really fun and interactive demonstrations,” he said.

For Mr Liddel it's always fun to return to Chinchilla for the festival and see the impact the shows can have on the community.

"Just being able to give those kids an opportunity to see science and really understand the career opportunities for those people who study sciences and technology, engineering and maths and see the real world outcomes and the real purpose behind it, so just giving those kids the opportunity is a really powerful thing,” he said.

"And when you come to a community that doesn't get those opportunities as often as the kids do in the big smoke here in Brissie, I think the community really appreciates it and they come out in force.”

The World Science Festival Brisbane community day is this Saturday.

For details visit www.

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