Step-dad guilty of sex assault of four girls

FOUR girls, including his own step-daughter, fell victim to a Bundaberg's man sexual lust for young girls, but after fleeing interstate and in a twist of remorse, he returned and confessed to police the awful details of his offending.

The man sexually assaulted three friends of his young step-daughter when they stayed for sleepovers, and involved two girls in naked threesomes.

The man, 38, despite her protests, raped one 13-year-old girl on the lawn of his family home after getting her drunk.

The man pleaded guilty to 22 offences in the District Court at Bundaberg - put by Crown prosecutor Sandra Cupina.

These include maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, indecent treatment of children under 16, attempting unlawful carnal knowledge, wilful exposure, attempting sexual intercourse with a child, attempted penile rape, digital rape, and penile rape.

Ms Cupina said he had a sexual relationship with his step-daughter for six years from the age of six to 12.

He had engaged in sexual activities with one girl aged around 12 who believed the man was her boyfriend.

A third girl became involved in sexual activity with him from the ages of 10 to 12 and twice during sleep-overs he had tried to have sexual intercourse with her.

Ms Cupina said that another friend of his step-daughter aged 13 while on a sleep-over had been given alcohol, and feeling funny, she went outside the house.

The man had pushed her to the ground then raped her, causing pain and bleeding.

When his step-daughter told her mother about the six years of abuse, the man fled interstate.

He had already spent two years and three months held in jail (827 days).

Defence barrister Robert East said the man had "a rule" with his child victims that they would only do things if they wanted to.

"He accepts that is no excuse at all," Mr East said.

"He accepts his corruption was so intense she in effect was recruiting other girls to get involved."

Judge Martin said because the Crown relied on his admissions to prosecute him, his early guilty pleas and co-operation with police, it also showed genuine remorse by him.

The man had entirely disregarded the welfare of four children to satisfy his own needs but then belatedly done all he could to save them further trauma by having to give evidence.

The man was sentenced to various jail terms - 11 years jail the longest to reflect his overall criminality, all to be served concurrently.

His time of 827 days spent in custody was declared as time served and he remains in custody with no parole date set. 

He will not be considered for release onto parole until at least mid-2023 - until having served 80% of the 11-year head sentence in jail.

Judge Martin declared the charge of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child to be a Serious Violent Offence (SVO). 

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