OPINION: So, do the perverts take a holiday for Halloween?

I AM not a big fan of Halloween but it does seem to be getting more popular each year.

I must say that even though I kind of like being a grumpy old man, at the ready to complain about stuff, every kid that knocked on our door was polite.

Which I find refreshing.

There were no smart alecs and they were all thankful for what we gave them.

Some had parents in the background while others were in groups; some small, some larger.

I do find it weird in this day and age when anyone with a camera at the beach, or offering help to a young person and in many other situations where kids and strangers have contact, inevitably the "p word" pops up.

Yet on Halloween some parents send their kids off into the darkness to knock on strangers' doors and ask them for lollies.

How things have changed when it comes to adult contact with kids.

When I was growing up it was nothing for me to get a lift in a car or the back of a truck with someone I barely knew without batting an eye.

I remember fishing down the Cod Hole when I was about 10 and I met an old bloke who asked if I wanted to go fishing with him in his boat and I happily jumped in with him for the afternoon.

Imagine if that happened today.

Times certainly have changed.

When I was about 15, I filled in and played in an A Grade footy team because they were short and ended up at the pub in Gympie after the game.

I had a couple of beers with them as they reckoned that if I was old enough to play footy with them I was old enough for a beer.

I can read the headline in the paper in 2015 with that little effort.

It wouldn't be my fault, that's for sure, although in 1973 my old man disagreed.

There was only one person to blame - A. Robinson.

Nudity was another thing in my day.

Playing footy, everyone was nude in the showers.

It didn't really matter if it was a training night or a game or the ages of people in the change rooms.

Again, these days, it would be a disaster.

For mine, that is one culture change that is certainly for the better unless you are at Alexandria Bay - and even that bothers me.

The nudity thing should stay within the family.

So it doesn't really make sense to me in 2015 that Halloween is so popular.

You know the old saying, "beware the old man with the boiled lollies", but it seems there is some type of amnesty on October 31 every year.

I couldn't really care whether it continues to prosper or dies a natural death, as our only preparation for it is bags of lollies which I am happy to eat if no one turns up.

I always have a pumpkin at hand - it's sitting on my shoulders for eternity.

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