Slattery plugs in to NBN talks for Rockhampton city

AFTER discussions with NBN CEO Bill Morrow, Bevan Slattery is now "cautiously optimistic" that Rockhampton will have improved access to the network.

When Rockhampton Regional Council last week invited Mr Slattery to look over the current NBN plans for the region, he noticed there were some issues surrounding some heritage sensitive areas.

Mr Slattery, a former North Rockhampton High student who is now one of the nation's leading tech entrepreneurs, said the fibre to node cabinet locations had come across some issues, and the whole network would be fitted without fibre to the premises.

In discovering this, he reached out to Mr Morrow.

"We arranged a meeting in Sydney last Monday with the Mayor and CEO," Mr Slattery said.

"(We) discussed possible ways that if the current node deployment model proceeded some possible modifications to make fibre more accessible to businesses in the CBD."

He said they were looking at any changes that could be made to the node design that would push the fibre with the nodes deeper.

This would make it easier to extend it to premises that would later require fibre access speeds.

"(We) also discussed possible co-build options. There is now a good dialogue with NBN Co and we are cautiously optimistic that while Rocky might now get fibre to the premises, it will have fibre much closer and more financially accessible than otherwise would have been the case," Mr Slattery said.

That isn't the only news for Mr Slattery.

As the new owner of the former Morning Bulletin building in Quay St, he said it was still very early days when it came to future development plans.

But he made sure to distance himself and his new property purchase from the NBN talks.

"I was pretty specific in the meeting that I don't want the Bully building considered as part of any proposal to make sure there is no potential conflict of interest. This was about the CBD, not any specific building," Mr Slattery said.

"(It is) very early days for The Morning Bulletin building and I don't think I will have any plans for it until early next year, but I'm sure there will be a strong IT/internet focus.

"After all, it's what I do."

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