Sex and money cause splits: author

IF YOU'RE into S&M - and who isn't - Larissa Zimmerman is the woman for you.

S&M stands for sex and money and Ms Zimmerman says it's the two things couples fight about the most.

It's for that reason that she's written How To Have Sizzling Sex & More Money in Your Relationship, and will talk about it at the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

"Sex and money are the two main sources of relationship conflict," said Ms Zimmerman, who believes poor communication and financial stress are the two main reasons relationships break down.

An international speaker and author, she believes people need to wake up and realise that more money rarely fixes 'the problem'.

"I came from a broken home, where my parents fought about sex, and my brother commitment suicide in 2004," she said.

"That was the best and the worst gift because it made me realise you have to life to the fullest.

"People spend money to feel good and dig themselves into a hole of debt.

"But it is connecting with others as well as yourself and contribution that increases our quality of life."

Ms Zimmerman has a degree in mathematics and management from the Australian Defence Academy and has worked for the Federal Police as a family liaison officer looking after families of deployed staff.

She now owns a 300 acres property in Rappville with her partner.

Ms Zimmerman is the director of National Financial Fitness

A little bit of S&M:

  • Create your own gift vouchers or cheque book where you pay your partner a favour.
  • Have one date night with your partner a month.
  • Give children pocket money and responsibility for certain purchases.
  • Take care with credit. It can take up to 40 years to pay off a $10,000 credit card at 16% if you only pay the minimum each month.
  • Calculate how many paydays you have until retirement so you can devise a savings plan.
  • Have dinner as a family once a fortnight, allowing the children to see you being affectionate and having fun
  • Create a vision board or treasure map of all you desire. Cut pictures out of magazines or drawn your own and place this collage, with your photo on it, in a prominent position.



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