Schoolkids get pro AFL clinic

Carlton player Levi Casboult spends the day running AFL clinics for kids from Chinchilla Christian College.
Carlton player Levi Casboult spends the day running AFL clinics for kids from Chinchilla Christian College. Brooke Duncan

AFL: Lucky kids at Chinchilla Christian College got to meet one of AFL's greats, Levi Casboult, last Friday.

Casboult ran clinics throughout the day teaching students the basics of the game.

Vice-principal Daryl Davey said it was a family connection that found Casboult teaching the skills.

"Levi's sister actually teachers here,” Mr Davey said.

"So he's in his off-season and visiting family and put his hand up and said he'd be happy to come along and share some time with the kids and pass on some skills, and we're very happy that he did.”

Casboult said he wanted to let kids know what AFL was all about.

"I know none of the kids up here really know what AFL is let alone know how to kick one so, just thought we'd run a bit of a clinic.”

But he said they quickly caught on.

"Especially by the end of it they're picking up a few things.

"They're just from different backgrounds so kicking an AFL ball doesn't really come naturally to them but they were all willing to have a go, I think most of them just love getting out and playing sport really.

The day was broken up into Years 3 -6 in the morning, and secondary student clinics in the afternoon.

Teacher and sports coordinator Jessica Muller said Casboult focussed on skills including kicking, passing, and marking, before explain the rules and playing a game.

"It's been really really fun, the kids have enjoyed it and it's been just wonderful having such an amazing athlete of Australia here and a really good role model,” Miss Muller said.

And she the students loved it.

"They've definitely enjoyed it, it's been great because it's not often you get such a high profile Australian athlete and particularly a player of AFL which is an Australian sport,” Miss Muller said.

"The kids haven't had a lot of AFL training our here and it's really new for them, and this will be something wonderful to even encourage them to get involved in AFL in the future.

"This opportunity will hopefully open the students eyes to what else is out there, because it's not just AFL where we have these opportunities.

"(We'd) just like to encourage any other sporting teams around to do this sort of thing, because it's wonderful for Australian sport and we really want to continue to build that in the kids because sport is part of our culture... and want to ensure that's instilled in them at a young age.”

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