READY TO RUN: Runners at the Miles parkrun take off from the start line.
READY TO RUN: Runners at the Miles parkrun take off from the start line. Contributed

Running is a global movement

Running: Miles is on the running map after locals launched the town's first parkrun late last month.

About 70 people converged on Miles' Moraby Park for the launch on November 25, running and walking the 5km Dogwood Creek track.

Miles parkrun event director Kerryn Rabone said she got the idea to organise a parkrun after she decided to start running, and was looking for a running community to keep her motivated.

She started researching launching a parkrun in February, and was rejected for two grants to fund the project before securing the Embracing 2018 Legacy Project (Commonwealth Games) grant.

She said the launch was a huge success.

"It was a really great turnout, the weather was perfect... all the feedback that we got was really positive and a lot of people said that they'd be back,” Rabone said.

"(People) came from as far as Loganlea in Brisbane, we actually had several people come from outside of Miles for that one because parkrun tourism is actually quite a big thing.

"People travel to launches to tick them off their list.”

At the second parkrun Rabone said there were 27 participants, followed by 29 the week after.

"They're pretty good numbers for such a small community,” she said.

"It just puts Miles on the map, we don't have much here but it's nice to have something that people can come to Miles and do on a Saturday morning.”

Rabone said the event wasn't about competing against others but about getting exercise, whether by running, or going for a walk with your dog.

"It's not about who's the fastest, it's not about competing... it's just for yourself,” she said.

To participate runners need to register on the official parkrun website.

Rabone said after registering, runners receive a unique barcode which allows them to participate in other parkruns around the world.

"Your barcode... you can pack that in your suitcase when you go to say, England, or Russia... and do a parkrun there with your same barcode,” she said.

Registering also allows runners to keep track of their running times and the different parkruns they participate in. Official results from each event are listed on the Miles parkrun website.

Rabone said she looked forward to seeing good outcomes from the event.

"A lot of other event directors that I've had contact with have really seen the impact that it's had on people at their parkruns... their participants are becoming healthier and losing weight and everything and they're so grateful that someone actually took the step to bring that to their community, to motivate them to do it, I'm really looking forward to having positive effects like that within our community,” she said.

The Miles parkrun starts at 6.45am every Saturday at Moraby Park. Register at

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