Maranoa Regional Council local government election 2020
Maranoa Regional Council local government election 2020

REVEALED: Maranoa council front runners

UPDATE Sunday 5.30pm: 

Figures coming out of the polling station reveal that current Mayor Tyson Golder is in the lead. 

At this stage, Rob Loughnan is in second place and David Schefe coming in third. 

Below are the council candidates currently leading the tally:

Julie Guthrie

Cameron O'Neil

Geoff McMullen 

Mark Edwards

Wendy Taylor

John Birkett

George Ladbrook

Joh Hancock

Steven Merrick

Gabby Barron 


More information and results coming soon. 


LOCAL Council elections looked very different this year.

Today was the last day voters had their say on the Maranoa Regional Council local government election.

Usually for last minute voters, there's long queues, a sausage sizzle to numb the pain and being interrupted by candidates with their 'How to vote cards'.

However, at the booths today there was … silence and lots of sanitiser.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) instructed council candidates to not be in the vicinity of the polling booths in a bid to limit the spread of COVID-19. Voters had to be 1.5m away and hand sanitiser was applied to everyone's hands and booths disinfected after every person had voted. Staff said it was quiet today as most people had pre-polled or postal voted.


Quiet around the polling booths today.
Quiet around the polling booths today.

Here's how our council candidates are feeling:


Tyson Golder

"I am feeling fairly good this evening - I'm looking forward to seeing what the people have to say. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the Maranoa again, if elected. While I'll be at home with family, I won't really be celebrating if elected, more so looking forward to helping the Maranoa through this difficult time and doing that with a new elected team. I want to get everyone back on their feet and get through this tough time and do my part."


David Schefe

"It's a different race this time around - I am risking my career but I've done that for a reason. I am anxious to find out and looking forward to seeing some results. I think it'll be close between Tyson and myself but we don't know until we start seeing those numbers roll in," he said.

"Normally I'd be celebrating with family and friends, but it's not appropriate this time around but I'll be having a drink either way.

"If elected, I'm keen to get stuck into moving forward during these times with a new elected council."


Rob Loughnan

"I will be comfortable with whatever the people choose."


Cameron O'Neil

"I am excited to see the results, of course I am nervous like any election. I am at home tonight with my wife and baby and we'll watch the results as they are updated and hope to get some indication. We'll wait and see."

Gabby Barron

"Starting to feel a little nervous - it's all real now. I am excited also, just with family tonight. It's been a quiet day and it's definitely a different type of election this time round."

Geoff McMullen

"Well if people don't know me by now... I'm feeling confident, but not going to get cocky."

Wendy Taylor

"It is what it is and we'll see what happens. Campaigning has been hampered in the last week as we couldn't do all what we wanted to do. I think most people wanted to get the voting done and we start moving on with what's important."

Sherill Stivano

"It'll be what it'll be. I didn't get around to as many people as I'd like to because of the current climate," she said.

"It was really enjoyable going around with the other candidates doing the meet and greets - they were a nice and genuine group of people. And hopefully I'll get to work alongside them shortly."

Dave Grace

"I am relieved that it's all over now. I'll have a beer, sit back and see what rolls in," he said.  

"Didn't get to get out to as many people as I'd like to but everyone was in the same boat."

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