Riots expected if ‘party of civility’ doesn’t get their way


Everywhere you walk in New York City you see shops, from high end outlets to the local bodegas, being boarded up just in case the "party of civility" doesn't win the election.

There are surreal scenes in Democratic cities across America, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington DC, with many businesses barricading their shopfronts as if they are preparing for a Category 5 storm.

Speaking to local business owners, they seem almost resigned to the mayhem that may come post-election. It's not MAGA ("Make America Great Again") crowds that they fear will revolt but the same mobs of Leftist agitators who rioted in 2016 and have spent months protesting, looting and committing acts of violence in 2020 in the name of "anti-racism".

The "both sides" fallacy about violent protests is one pushed by the Democrats and their propagandists in the mainstream media. It's advanced with hoaxes that are investigated and then dismissed.

Speaking to NYPD's finest, the prevailing view is that if Joe Biden wins in a landslide then any trouble will be minimal but if the election is close or if President Donald Trump looks to be ahead then batten down the hatches.


On the plywood, some shopkeepers have written BLM slogans and other pro-immigrant, diversity and anti-racism messages in the hopes that they'll be spared. Sadly, such pitiful pleas for mercy rarely work as we have seen in other Democrat-run cities including Seattle and Portland, where BLM and Antifa have indulged in months of violent activism.

After travelling through the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania it's clear that this will be a fractured vote; in a sea of Republican red there'll be blue Democrat hotspots representing the largest cities.

Democrats in downtown Pittsburgh speak about a deep desire to get rid of Donald Trump and their concerns about institutional racism.

Not far out of town, voters are concerned primarily with the economy, energy and foreign policy. They are far more likely to mention the 33 per cent growth in GDP America recorded in the third quarter than race relations.

The divide in America is as much between the big cities and small towns as it is between Democrats and Republicans.

For much of the election campaign I've thought that Biden would prevail but as polls close, I'm not so sure. My brain says Biden will win, my gut says Trump.

Rita Panahi is in the US


Originally published as Riots expected if 'party of civility' doesn't get their way

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