TOP TEACHER: Left to right: Belinda Jones (Chinchilla State High School), Brad Hubbard (Chinchilla State High School), Jackie Beck (Chinchilla State High School). Pic: Supplied
TOP TEACHER: Left to right: Belinda Jones (Chinchilla State High School), Brad Hubbard (Chinchilla State High School), Jackie Beck (Chinchilla State High School). Pic: Supplied

REVEALED: Chinchilla’s top teacher

INSPIRING generations of students as a mentor, psychologist, mathematician, and scientist, Chinchilla State High School Teacher Brad Hubbard has dedicated 33 years of his life to teaching with unwavering passion and dedication to ensure the betterment of his students lives.

It has been Mr Hubbard’s consistent dedication to enlightening generations of students that contributed to the science and math teacher winning the Chinchilla News’ top teacher award, as voted by our readers.

Mr Hubbard said he considered high school to be a crucial milestone in a person’s life and he placed great importance on the role as of educator to recognise each students’ battles, where they have come from, and where they’re going.

“You just have to be there and try to help them along the way,” Mr Hubbard said.

“Different students have different needs and you have to be able to identify that, for some of them it might be showing them how to do things, and others it might be how to act or how to treat others.

“You’re kind of in a psychological mind field, but basically everything you do you are trying to help each student as best you can and give them what they need – and if you’re doing that then you’re doing okay.

Being a part of something that matters, Mr Hubbard said is an especially rewarding part of being a teacher.

“When you have kids that are up against the wall in their private lives and they are finding school difficult to fit in, to get anywhere - when you’re able to help those kids get somewhere it means a lot,” Mr Hubbard said.

“Our school is fantastic at helping kids go from somewhere that’s not too flash to somewhere that’s reasonable, so they can survive in the world and be decent citizens and have a bit of pride in themselves – it’s a team effort.

“Being a teacher is really difficult, it’s very hard to get it right, because you’re a mentor, a psychologist, a mathematician, a scientist, a career, a coach – you’re a whole bunch of things that are difficult to get right but I find it hard to think of a job that would be as rewarding.”

Mr Hubbard said one of the challenges of being a teacher is the rewards aren’t instantaneous.

“If you’re a builder you can see what you’re producing and making, whereas if you’re trying to help a certain student you might not see the fruits of your labour for four years,” he said.

“The day-to-day can be pretty grinding, but the rewards are there - you just have to wait for them.”

Mr Hubbard said he wasn’t aware he was nominated as one of Chinchillas top teachers, and said he doesn’t focus too much on what people think as he’s focused on doing what’s best for his students.

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