Residents see funny side to being named sex-toy capital

IT WAS recently revealed that Toowoomba is the sex-toy capital of Australia, making the Garden City the country's sexiest town.

Online adult store Femplay said the Garden City came in at number one based on the number of adult toy sales. Toowoomba was also given the title late last year.

The second spot is awarded to Cairns followed by Sydney, Townsville, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Chronicle shared the news with its Facebook followers and many found the humorous side to laying claim to the title.

The post gained more than 140 comments, with many people tagging their friends.

Some people even suggesting Toowoomba was number one because there wasn't anything else to do in town.

Levi Ravenswood said: "Perhaps it's the cr*p weather, rain and nothing to do."

Joe Fjin said: "I think it's because there isn't anything to do in town, people have to find ways to have fun."

But not everyone agreed.

Paul McAuley said: "I visited Toowoomba last month. Great place, great people but I don't see sexy coming from Toowoomba."

Joe Lowwen said: "Hmmm I don't think so, so many other sexier places out there."

A few people also mentioned that only last week The Chronicle revealed a triple threat of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis is on the march across our region.

More than 620 local cases of sexually transmitted and blood-borne diseases reported to the state's health bosses in the past seven months.

NewsRegional analysis of Queensland Health statistics shows 475 new notifications of chlamydia across the Darling Downs health district of Toowoomba and Warwick since January 1.

In the same period, our region recorded 78 cases of gonorrhoea and 12 of syphilis.

Hepatitis C is the region's most common blood-borne virus with 48 notifications in 2017.

There were also nine hep B transmissions and two HIV notifications.

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