ONE NATION: Pauline Hanson thinks too many women are making “frivolous” domestic violence complaints.
ONE NATION: Pauline Hanson thinks too many women are making “frivolous” domestic violence complaints. Rob Williams

Readers say Hanson’s right about domestic violence

PAULINE Hanson made headlines again when she said women "are making frivolous complaints and it's time that our court system (is looked at) - especially for men who are the subject of domestic violence themselves."


The statement caused a mixed reaction with QT readers, with most agreeing with Ms Hanson's stance to some degree.


Caroline Rye

I have been a victim of domestic violence and I still agree with her.

No doubt far too many women are abused but there are some really vindictive women who manipulate the system.

Men are still often laughed at when they make a complaint against women. I witnessed this first hand recently while sitting with a friend making a police compliant against a woman.


TK McVicar

I agree and it's these women who are the ones making it difficult for women who actually suffer from domestic violence.


Samantha Dick

I agree totally. When I was stuck a few years back now the judge didn't help me with my second domestic violence order when my ex had convinced me to withdraw my first order (part of the cycle I was stuck in) she didn't see what was happening because she must see a lot of this.

So I was stuck defenceless. Things took a while to end properly after that.

I didn't feel able to ask for help again for over a year.

When my babies started becoming victims themselves and then I was out.


Pete Aitchison

I never thought I'd agree with her.

Most of us have firsthand experience or know stories of friends who have been through the system.

If you want to really fix domestic violence don't look at people like Rosie Batty.

Her proposed changes to family law will only make it worse.

Punish people who fail on their child visits.

Threaten give their kids to the partner.

How many murders of kids happen because custody battles? How many suicides? How many murders of ex's?

Abusing the system to punish an ex is still domestic violence.

Stacking it the other way will be a disaster.

She's got a battle on her hands if she really takes this one on.

White Ribbon have the government in their pockets (and) Rosie Batty had 90 groups backing her on these proposed changes.

Hope she follows through and does some good for women, men, and their kids to make a fair system for everyone.


Annette Rawlings

She makes a lot of sense on most issues - it's just the media take what she says out of context and makes her look racist and stupid.

She usually speaks the truth of "how it is". I like her for standing up and saying what we all think but some are too gutless to say.


Anya Richter

I can't believe that I find myself actually agreeing with something she says.

The fact that someone can walk into a registry office, file a DV and then waste the courts time just to get revenge is despicable.

My brother in law and mother in law filed a domestic violence order against my husband and me because we were supposedly harassing them and it was claimed my husband stole a duck and chicken.

The first hearing the application against me was thrown out.

After three more appearances a date was finally set and just before the trial date my brother in law withdrew the application. It cost my husband and I $4400.


Jazmyne Ford

Yes I agree. I know of women who have done this for "revenge" or "attention".

While there is a massive domestic violence problem in this country it's sad some women are lying and taking away from real victims.

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