Puppy seller rubbishes dog law changes

WULKURAKA man Scott Parker has bred his working dogs many times throughout his life but doesn't consider himself a breeder.

Right now he has two pups for sale and can't understand why decent people like him should have to conform with new rules designed to stamp out puppy farming.

It means anyone who plans to breed their dog, even once, will have to register as a breeder if they intend to sell, give away or advertise the puppies in any way.

Mr Parker is passionately opposed to the new legislation saying he's sick and tired of minority groups telling everyone else what to do.

"Obviously I'm also completely against any sort of cruelty to animals. My dogs are like family, some have been my best friends, even more so than people. I know there are people using them for dog fighting for example and I would like to see that eliminated.

"But I'm not the one doing it.... I've never heard so much rubbish."

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Mr Parker used to live in Western Queensland and the puppies' parents, Red Smithfield Cattle Dogs, are working dogs.

Most of the seven pups have already gone to homes - many to primary producers - and Mr Parker says farmers at Rosewood are interested in the remaining two.

Under the new legislation the sale of puppies to farmers is an exception.

Primary producers, which Mr Parker is not, can buy and sell working dogs without having to register as a breeder.

The new rules;

  • Those selling and supplying dogs must have a valid breeder's number attached to the animal
  • That number must be displayed alongside the dog being offered for sale
  • Anyone who breeds then wants to sell, give away, advertise puppies or dogs must register
  • Dogs and cats must be fitted with a microchip linked to up-to-date contact details
  • Dogs and puppies can still be surrendered to shelters without having to register

**Applies to puppies born after May 26

The penalties;

  • Failing to register as a dog breeder (maximum penalty - $6,095)
  • Not updating changes to registration details(maximum penalty - $2,438)
  • Not micro-chipping a dog (maximum penalty - $2,438)
  • Not providing a valid supply number when supplying or advertising a dog (maximum penalty - $6,095)

Read the legislation here.

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