UPDATE: IT is a hoax.

A second video has just been posted on Natalie Amyot's YouTube account announcing her plight to find the father of her unborn child was simply a viral video to promote Holiday Mooloolaba.

Andy Sellar, who says he runs a social media company, says the viral video, which went around the world, was aimed to promote the beachside Sunshine Coast location.

But already Mr Sellar's video has been met with disgust.

Blaze 6 wrote on the post:  "How exactly do you think this will generate any new business for you?

"I'm familiar with there's no such thing as bad publicity but why would anyone think "gee they had me pretty good, I'll definitely go to them from now on!"

Others posted expleted laden posts saying it was a 'ridiculous' stunt.

Mr Sellar defended the girl in the video, saying she had nothing to do with it apart from being an actor.

"I know there's going to be a lot of you upset by this and maybe not too happy but this young lady was just a volunteer in this, I did all the Facebook, the Youtubing, I did all the answering (of comments).''

"We just wanted to put Mooloolaba on the map because it is a wonderful place so thanks for watching.''

"We are going to do many, many videos like this.''

OUR SAY: Mooloolaba can do far better than scams like this


VisitDenmark did a similar video to this back in 2009.

A woman called "Karen" posted a video on YouTube of herself with her baby boy, "August".

In the video she said: "I'm doing this video because I'm trying to find August's father.

"So if you are out there and you see this then this is for you."

Karen said the father had been a tourist in Denmark the year before and they'd had a one night stand.

However, when it was revealed the video was a hoax, VisitDenmark removed the video following worldwide backlash.


EARLIER: IS Natalie Amyot a fake?

Many are speculating the French tourist's plight to find the father of her unborn child, a man she met at a nightclub in Mooloolaba, is in fact a hoax.

French website 20 Minutes has reported that as well as the vague details in her video posted on YouTube, Ms Amyot bears an uncanny resemblance to an Alizee Michel.

An Alizee Michel The Sunshine Coast Daily photographed on Mooloolaba Beach along with two friends back in June last year.

Patrick Woods


This Ms Michel also has an Instagram account but it has since been made private.

But not before BuzzFeed reporter Bradley Esposito posted this photo from Ms Michel's Instagram account on Twitter:


On Facebook, Maria Baron wrote: "Apparently it's a stunt and she is a marketing and tourism student in Sunshine Coast uni! Lol"

One reader rang in to question her surname, saying it sounded like "Am I hot!".

While many speculate as to whether it is a hoax or not, a large number of people are genuinely concerned with helping Ms Amyot or Ms Michel, whoever she is, with her plight.

A pregnant French tourist has returned to Australia to try to track down the father of her child. Natalie Amyot has...

Posted by Sunshine Coast Daily on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


View News editor Charles Hodgson posted this comment on Facebook:

"There's increasing discussion as to whether Natalie Amyot's plight is genuine, a hoax, social media experiment, marketing stunt or something else again.

"Natalie, I truly hope that your plight is legit, as there will be lasting damage for truly genuine people in real need, seeking to enlist the help of the public in all forms of media.

"What may have started as a bit of fun, research or marketing stunt may translate to something of far greater and dire consequence for many a future cause where potential helpers have been burnt by instances such as this and are reluctant to assist or become involved," Mr Hodgson said.

What do you think about this? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


YESTERDAY: A pregnant French tourist has returned to Mooloolaba to try to track down the father of her child.

Natalie Amyot has posted video on YouTube appealing to the Sunshine Coast to help her find the man who is unknowingly the father of her unborn child.

In her YouTube video, Ms Amyot said they met at O'Malleys the night before she left to return home and it wasn't until she got back to France that she realised she was pregnant but had lost her phone with his contact details in it.

Ms Amyot posted the below details along with her video on YouTube:

Natalie Amyot
Natalie Amyot Natalie Amyot | YouTube

"My name is Natalie and I'm trying to find a guy I met in Mooloolaba. We had a lovely night, met him in O'Malleys then went to Wharf Tavern. 

"He is about 6ft tall he was tanned and had blue eyes with blond hair.

"I really need to find him, I came back from France to find him as am pregnant and really want to meet him again.

"If he doesn't want to know then that's okay but I really want to try and find him.

"I lost my phone with his details and had to fly the next day back home so couldn't do anything......please, please help me xx."

Ms Amyot is appealing for anyone who may know him to contact her via her Facebook page.

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