BRIGHT IDEA: Miles pop-up gallery organiser Claudia Honnery described the initiative as a success.
BRIGHT IDEA: Miles pop-up gallery organiser Claudia Honnery described the initiative as a success. Brooke Duncan

Pop-up gallery puts Miles artists on display

THE artistic diversity in Miles has been put on show at a new pop-up gallery in town.

Works from six local artists are on display and on sale, showcasing a variety of skills including silverwork, painting and knitting.

Pop-up gallery organiser Claudia Honnery said she came up with the idea as a way to highlight local talent.

"I just had an idea and I thought it would be really nice to showcase some... talented, local artists, that probably don't get the exposure that they deserve,” Mrs Honnery said.

"There's a couple of emerging artists as well I thought would be nice to start getting their name out there.”

The pop-up gallery opened on November 15, after Mrs Honnery, on behalf of the Miles Art Group, approached the Western Downs Regional Council, about renting the old Bank of Queensland building.

"They rented the building to us pretty much for nothing... so that was great of council,” she said.

The group was also able to borrow boards and mannequins from Ray White Miles, the Miles Show Society and Dogwood Crossing.

So far Mrs Honnery said the gallery had been a big success.

"It's been really good, people have been coming in and having a look, they've been buying things,” she said.

"Our first day open we made a killing and I knew we would but I didn't think it would be that big.

"We've had... repeat visitors from Chinchilla come, which has been really nice.”

And with the success of the first pop-up gallery, the Miles Art Group is looking forward to another one.

"I'd like to be able to, in six months time, do it again but then showcase a different set of artists in our area,” Mrs Honnery said.

"Our local Miles Art Group has really grown and we have some amazing, amazing artists that have joined the group and it'd be nice to be able to showcase them.”

Mrs Honnery said the catalyst for the group's growth was its decision to hold weekly meetings on Wednesday nights, as well as Wednesday mornings.

"The Miles Art Group went from two or three women of a Wednesday morning to... the biggest attendance we had at the Miles Art Group of the evening was 14,” Mrs Honnery said.

"And it's just amazing to see all these people come together, and we all share ideas and we look to see what everyone else is doing... and then I walk away going 'God I wish I had that kind of talent' but it's all about sharing and it's all about learning and it's all about inspiring each other.

"Each of us has something unique about ourselves.”

The pop-up gallery is open 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-noon on Saturdays until December 21. It will also open late during the Miles Christmas Street Carnival.

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