A FRUSTRATED woman has taken to Facebook to explain her random act of kindness in a bid to remind us all how important it can be.

A mother flying alone with three young children was the recipient of what she called "huffing and puffing and mumbling" when her two youngest started to get upset.

Kesha Bernard was on vacation with her children, boarding an early morning flight in Seattle when the airplane staff discovered weight issues. This meant that while the problem was being solved everyone was stuck in a "full packed plane."

Bernard was sitting with her own two children, a three and four-year-old, when another woman's baby started crying, "Oh God forbid, right?" she said.

Then two children start crying. The toddler is having a "full blown meltdown over her seat belt being on". As Bernard pointed out, toddlers have the tendency to be a little dramatic.

The mother herself admitted she is used to crying, she has "mum powers", so she can totally ignore it but what she is unable to ignore is this.

Apparently not everyone was bestowed with this gift of selective hearing because not a moment later a woman began complaining to that the toddler needed to stop kicking her seat. She said the woman turned around and grabbed the toddler's leg.

"She's three, I can't believe you just did that," the mother said to the woman. "AKA 'oh hell no'."

Many parents will tell you that young children and flying can be a challenging combination, "It takes a village to raise kids."

While all of this is happening, the flight attendant is supposedly standing there listening, not doing anything to diffuse or help the situation.

The older man beside Bernard started making remarks like, "Obviously her way of disciplining isn't working."

Growing increasingly frustrated with everyone around her she put him in his place, "She's probably afraid to do anything … you can't do anything anymore."

Bernard sat there for 15 minutes on a full plane waiting for someone close to offer help. "I'm surrounded by caring adults, right? Wrong."

She turned around to see a mum with her three children alone - a screaming toddler, a crying baby and a very well-behaved older child. She also saw a grown woman holding her hands over her ears. Apparently no one on this flight had heard of sympathy before.

"She was being so freaking calm you guys … like I would have already been crying but she was doing so good."

Bernard stands up and heads to the back of the plane to ask the lady if she needs help. The woman immediately hands her the baby.

She took the baby back to her seat for takeoff, "So I'm sitting here holding this precious baby that so happens to fall asleep." Bernard takes a photo to share the moment as a teaching lesson for us all.

"Be nice and considerate. If someone needs help for God's sake HELP THEM," she said. Complaining and mumbling does not do anything, "except make the person that needs help feel worse. Words hurt."

The message, which has over 72,000 likes and almost 7,000 shares, was concluded with: "How can we ignore a human in distress? Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another. It makes everything easier. I promise you won't die."

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