Paris Hilton tattooes her autograph on friends arm

PARIS Hilton has tattooed her autograph on her friends arm.

The 35-year-old television personality took to social media to showcase her steady hand after she inked her signature on her friend Jasmine Waltz's arm at the 6th Annual Treats! Magazine Halloween Party, which was held in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

In the Snapchat video, the blonde beauty said: "My girl Jasmine is getting a 'P' on her arm for Paris."

The socialite documented the moment, which saw her pan around the tattoo parlour and capture the moment while the tattoo artist, who was dressed in a white t-shirt splattered with fake blood, printed body art on other guests at the Halloween bash.

Although the tattoo was initially meant to be the first letter of Paris' name, it swiftly changed to become her full name.

Jasmine - who appeared on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2010 - was dressed in a revealing gold ensemble, which showcased her existing body art, as she was seen sprawled on a bed whilst getting her tattoo completed by Paris.

Paris - who adorned an 'Alice in Wonderland' costume for the event - can be heard shouting words of encouragement to her 34 year old pal and 'Pledge This!' co-star in the clip.

She said: "Be still.

"It looks so good!"

Although Jasmine has yet to show a picture of her new tattoo, she teased the evening will hold a "permanent" memory in her mind.

Permanent memories💉✍🏾️ 😹

A photo posted by Jasmine✨Waltz (@jasminewaltz) on

Alongside a picture of her with Paris and Snoop Dogg, which was shared to Jasmine's Instagram account, she wrote: "Permanent memories (sic)."

Meanwhile, 'The Simple Life' star - which saw Paris and her close friend Nicole Richie work with a family for five weeks to experience a world different to their own - also spent the evening partying with her former best friend and co-star's sister Sofia Richie.

Alongside a picture of Paris with the 18 year old, which was shared on her Instagram account, she wrote: "#GoodTimes at the@TreatsMag #Halloween Party with my sis @SofiaRichie. (sic)."

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