Outrage over postie’s ‘attempted delivery’


Surveillance footage showing a postman failing to knock while attempting to deliver a package has aggravated social media users.

Home security footage shared on Reddit shows a postman coming down the driveway of a home with a package in his arms. However, when the postie reaches the front gate, he stops and turns away without entering.

The footage inspired hundreds of angry comments from Reddit users in the last 24 hours, who described it as "Aust Post at their finest". In the past day the post has attracted more than 9900 upvotes and over 700 comments.

A spokesman for Australia Post told news.com.au staff have faced increased pressure during the pandemic, and they will sometimes not approach a house for safety reasons.

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Social media users were aggravated by the footage showing the postman failing to knock.
Social media users were aggravated by the footage showing the postman failing to knock.

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"Our people have been working harder than ever to deliver record volumes of parcels and our posties and drivers are instructed to knock at the door three times and call out before leaving a card or safe-dropping a parcel," the spokesman said.

"Sometimes our people will leave a card without knocking because of access or safety issues - such as an off-leash dog - and this could happen even when a customer is home."

Australia Post urged customers with service concerns to contact them on 13 POST.

A number of angry commenters said they'd seen posties try to dodge delivering their own parcels.

"Aust Post at their finest. At least he got out of the vehicle and walked to the gate," one commenter wrote. "I watched one pull up with the already filled in card in his hand pull up, jump out, and put it straight in the letterbox."

"I caught one doing that, I was working in the front garden and he obviously didn't see me as he dropped in the prefilled card into the letter box," another said. "I ran after him to his van and he had to open up the back, find the delivery and hand it over."

But some disagreed, saying they'd had great experiences with postal workers.

"Shout out to the posties who actually do their best to deliver stuff to the right person on the day. My local postie is a deadset legend of a guy and we're very grateful for his efforts," one Reddit user wrote.

"Yes! Totally agree. I have medication delivered monthly. Our new postie, without being asked, passes the letter box sitting in full sun, climbs up the really steep driveway, leaves the parcel in the shade by the door," another wrote.

"He is amazing. He is the third one to do this. I appreciate it so much as those meds make such a difference to my life."

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