OPINION: The pros and cons of being a New Year's baby

IT IS tough being a New Year's baby.

Inconveniently close to Christmas, clashes with a widely accepted party day (and night) and at a time many like to escape for holidays - people born this time of year just can't win.

I count as an 80s baby by a matter of hours.

The story goes nurses told Mum to hold on so I could be one of the first in the new decade, and I've since learned that's probably not a reasonable request to a woman in the later stages of labour.

A New Year's Eve birthday has its advantages.

Every single person seems to be in a mood to celebrate, many people appear happy and in a good mood and I get to enjoy the fireworks that are for my birthday and definitely not another occasion associated with the date.

The disadvantages are probably shared among anyone born from December 23 to January 2.

The focus shifts from Christmas to the new year, so quite a few people forget.

Parents save all year for Christmas presents, but are broke for the inconveniently timed birthday (for which, I might add, they are ultimately responsible).

You simply don't get to have a birthday party, and mainly for the reasons outlined as advantages.

As a child it wasn't too great.

You watch other kids get presents at school or cake at work, but because your birthday is always smack bang in the middle of the longest school holiday period it's never remembered.

The lack of birthday party, or those where you can count attendees on one hand, hurts a bit as a youngster, but it is something you get used to.

As an adult, it's really not that big a deal.

One of the funniest memories is that of a friend who called on January 4 to wish me happy birthday. They didn't forget, they just had partied far too hard (hilarious at the time and funnier now).

No matter how you celebrate New Year's Eve, just do so safely and responsibly.

And if you know any children whose birthday falls on a date this holiday period make the extra effort to give them a call.

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