NEW FACE: Rohan May is calling for other candidates to participate in a debate ahead of the election.
NEW FACE: Rohan May is calling for other candidates to participate in a debate ahead of the election.

New council candidate calls for debates ahead of election

LATEST council candidate Rohan May has called upon his fellow candidates to participate in debates ahead of the local government election in March.

The President of the Dalby Chamber of Commerce today confirmed his intention to stand in the upcoming Western Downs Regional Council Local Government elections.

“As a long-term resident of the region, and after a great deal of encouragement, I have decided to formally nominate to contest as a councillor,” Mr May said.

“I believe a stronger council means a stronger region, and part of that is making sure a wide range of views and experience is offered to the residents of the Western Downs.

“That’s why I’m standing.”

Mr May has been a local business leader for more than a decade with experience in manufacturing, and civil construction.

Mr May said he values his community-based roles, currently sitting as the President of the Dalby Chamber of Commerce.

Aside from his involvement in the community, he has also taken on leadership roles in State and Federal political parties and board member of Dalby Racing Committee, and other industry groups.

As a current CEO of a local manufacturing business, Mr May has also worked internationally in Canada and North America as well as Far North and Western Queensland in a variety of senior management roles.

“I am passionate about rural and regional Queensland, having lived in these areas all my life,” Mr May said.

“The Western Downs is not just the best place to raise a family in Queensland, but the best place in Australia.

“We need to make sure we continually strive to grow our region.”

Mr May’s main goals focus on both economic and social progress.

“In over a decade living and working in and across the region, I know I can add an experienced voice to the council,” he said.

“We need a council focused upon the entire region, and not just the population centres.

“I believe that long-term population growth strategies are the key to our success, as well as the critical role small business plays in providing those jobs and facilities for us as residents. “These goals are only secondary to ensuring water security for every town in our region and future planning for water dependent businesses”.

As president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr May knows how important consistent employment and supporting local businesses is in towns like Dalby, and promises to invest in employment opportunities in the Downs.

“I think that we can do better in securing opportunities for local businesses and local employees,” he said.

“We critically need better business infrastructure and attraction strategies as well as true local business content strategies from external businesses working in our region.

”When we give approvals to develop land in our region, we need to anchor these commitments at the time of development approval to make sure they are met and are not just a vague promise.”

Rates and finances is another area Mr May wants to improve.

“Like most ratepayers, I also want to know that my rates are being used wisely and for the betterment of all our towns,” he said.

“More transparent rates and fees and where they go is part of our council’s role and I will work towards this.

“As a community, and while they are important, we need our council to be about more than just ‘roads, rates and rubbish’ and make sure every Western Downs resident can live in well-serviced communities with strong recreational, arts and sports facilities”.

Mr May went on to issue a challenge to the other candidates and insisted the Chamber of Commerce could faciliate debates with fellow candidates.

“We have a range of candidates now, and once formal nominations close, I am calling on all the candidates to participate in debates across the entire Western Downs Region,” Mr May said.

“This is a critical part of making sure that the residents of all our communities hear from the candidates and get to ask them about their plans.”

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