SUPREME COURT SENTENCE: Paula Renee Scott faced Brisbane’s Supreme Court on November 16, 2020. Picture: File
SUPREME COURT SENTENCE: Paula Renee Scott faced Brisbane’s Supreme Court on November 16, 2020. Picture: File

NAMED: Young Dalby woman busted with bulk amount of meth

A young Dalby woman spent much of her 2020 behind bars when she was busted with a bulk amount of methamphetamine and peddling the dangerous drug across the Western Downs.

Paula Renee Scott, 26, faced court on November 16, 2020, charged with the supply and possession of meth, a relevant substance, and a summary charge of possessing scales and clip seal bags.

Court documents revealed Scott was apprehended by police on April 10, 2020, when she was stopped getting into a car at a service station in Dalby.

A search of the car uncovered a bag containing just over 13.8 grams of meth, of which 10.619 grams was pure methylamphetamine.

It was revealed the dangerous drug had a purity of 76.7 per cent.

The court heard a vial containing GBL, clip seal bags, scales, and a cutting agent were also found during the search of Scott’s vehicle.

Scott made admissions to police, stating all of the items belonged to her.

She told police she had bought the meth from “a friend of a friend” for $1700 a week prior on behalf of her and her partner.

Scott later admitted she would often purchase methylamphetamine in bulk.

“You are being sentenced on the basis that you possessed that quantity of methylamphetamine for a mixed purpose,” Justice Bowskill said.


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“I accept it was mostly for your own use, but clearly, as you admitted, for supplying your partner as well.”

Justice Bowskill acknowledged Scott’s criminal history began when she was 24, and cited it was “unusual” for someone to have come in contact with drugs or the criminal justice system later in their life.

“Your history includes an entry from May 2018 in the Dalby District Court for supplying small quantities of methylamphetamine, although I think there was only one actual supply and the others were offers to, or acts preparatory to, and you were given probation for 18 months,” she said.

“Regrettably, you were then charged with more offences of supplying drugs in 2018 and over to 2019.”

Scott had been previously convicted on August 26, 2019, and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, and had been given probation for a six month cumulative term, which was two years overall.

Court documents stated Scott had spent five months in custody from March 21 2019, but was released on parole when she was previously sentenced.

Justice Bowskill said Scott had breached her parole with these offences in 2020, and was taken into custody on April 14 until her hearing in November.

She cited Scott had been doing well in prison, citing her work in the landscaping group, and her ability to overcome her meth addiction.

Scott pleaded guilty to all charges, and was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for count one.

She was then sentenced to three months imprisonment for counts two and three, to be served concurrently.

For the summary charge she was convicted and not further punished.

Her parole eligibility date was set for January 15, 2021.



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