BUSTED: Paul Thomas Milat pleaded guilty to eight charges of fraud at the magistrate’s court in Chinchilla. Picture: The Chronicle
BUSTED: Paul Thomas Milat pleaded guilty to eight charges of fraud at the magistrate’s court in Chinchilla. Picture: The Chronicle

NAMED: 11 fraudsters and thieves faced court in Chinchilla

FROM Ivan Milat’s brother’s gumtree scam, to the grandson who was dobbed in by his nan for stealing her identity - here’s a list of the fraudsters and thieves that pleaded guilty in the Chinchilla Magistrates Court:

Milat brother faces court on string of fraud charges

THE younger brother of the infamous Ivan Milat, Paul Thomas Milat, pleaded guilty to eight charges of fraud in crimes described as having a “huge” impact on the community.

Milat, 57, was co-accused with partner of 10 years, 56-year-old Lynda Ann Lucas, in front of the Chinchilla Magistrates Court.
The court heard the pair had been posting advertisements online and putting posters up for items, then receiving payment without handing over the items.

The pair was charged with eight counts of fraud and dishonestly gaining benefits from crime, fined $1200 each for eight counts of fraud and $1440 each in restitution to the victims.

No conviction was recorded.

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Nan takes receipts to police, dobs in crim grandson

THE grandma of a Chinchilla energy worker had paperwork in hand when she dobbed her grandson into police.

Origin Energy worker Fabian John Huggers had used his grandmother’s identity to set up new phone contract with Optus.

His grandma only found out about it when a $3758.99 contract for the iPhone arrived in her mailbox.

Magistrate Davies said Huggers caused a lot of angst and had no respect for the situation of his grandmother, fining the defendant $1500, $1305 in restitution to Optus, and $1195 in restitution to R.T. Edwards.

No conviction was recorded.

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Jail time for mum who stole eight chicken schnitzels

EIGHT stolen chicken schnitzels proved to be the final straw for Magistrate Robbie Davies as he sentenced serial thief Kahlia Maree Jackson to two months jail.

The 33-year-old mother appeared in Chinchilla Magistrates Court last Thursday where she pleaded guilty to stealing about $80 of meat from Drakes Chinchilla and a $129 hair removal device from Australia Post.

The court heard Jackson was also charged with two counts of contravening a direction by police, in both instances failing to provide identification.

Jackson was sentenced to two months in prison - one for each stealing offence - and is eligible for parole on March 13.

A conviction was recorded. There was no further punished for the two contravene police direction charges.

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Decision to steal a dog bites back

A MAN who stole a staffordshire bull terrier dog, which caused distress to the owner as she searched for it, has been sentenced and convicted in Chinchilla Magistrates Court.

Casey John Alexander Frid from Miles pleaded guilty to stealing in court on September 26.

Frid was sentenced to three months of imprisonment wholly suspended for a period of 12 months and a conviction was recorded.

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School dux charged with break and enter

A FORMER model student has faced Dalby District Court for his involvement in a major prescription drug stealing spree

Jack May was a golden child at Chinchilla State High School being awarded Dux of his graduating class and earning an OP1.

Now 26-years-old, May faced one count of break and enter and one count of stealing last week.

According to crown prosecution lawyer Even O’Hanlon-Rose, May was an accessory in the theft of a local business in Chinchilla.

The court heard May and two accomplices stole $3000 worth of prescription drugs, $300 worth of DVD’s and $5000 worth of other electronics and warehouse items.

May was sentenced to 12 months probation, and had a conviction recorded.

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Former world record holder charged with theft

IN 2007 John Paul Allwood headbutted his way into the Guinness World Record books when he smashed 40 watermelons on his head in 58 seconds, in 2019 he faced Chinchilla Magistrates Court for stealing food.

The court heard the former world record holder broke into the Chinchilla Bowls Club after hours on May 22 and stole frozen food from the club house’s freezer.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jodie Tehana told the court officers recognised Allwood in CCTV footage and tracked him down the next day where he made full admissions of the theft, telling police he did it “because he was hungry”.

Magistrate Carroll said Allwood’s crime was petty, however gave him a fine of $250 and recorded a conviction.

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Dune buggy fraudster convicted after vehicle ‘disappears’

A CHINCHILLA man who ripped off a woman with promises of a dune buggy has paid the price after fronting Chinchilla Magistrates Court.

Kieran Richard Kelly, 35, pleaded guilty in court last Thursday to one count of fraud after arranging to sell a red dune buggy on Facebook.

Kelly was ordered to pay $1000 in compensation to the victim and was put on 12 months probation. A conviction was recorded.

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Daughter who watched mum die in court for theft
THE 20-year-old Western Downs woman who held her dying mother after she was stabbed allegedly by nine people last year in Toowoomba, has appeared in Chinchilla Magistrate Court.

Claudia Joyce Combarngo was in court to be sentenced over three counts of unlawful use of vehicle, four counts stealing, two counts of driving without licence while suspended, entering a dwelling to commit indictable offence, dangerous operation of vehicle, and breach of bail.

Magistrate Mossop said Combarngo was holding her own jail keys.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a sentence of imprisonment as a last resort is where we are at with you, but given the benefit of immediate parole which means you hold your jail keys, and you will hold them for the next 12 months,” she said.

Combarngo was also disqualified from driving for 2 years and 7 months, and charged $825 in restitution to pay for items she stole such as fuel, a meat tray, and for the changes of locks to a homeowner whose keys she had stolen.
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Farmer steals water from quarry to keep his cows hydrated

A FARMER who has been taking water from a quarry for five years was busted by police patrolling Banana Bridge Road in Kogan.

The court heard that Kerry Scott Williams has been taking water from the quarry for five years for his livestock.

Williams pleaded guilty at Chinchillas Magistrates Court on Thursday November 21, to one count of stealing and one count of trespass.

Williams was placed on good behaviour for three months with no recorded conviction, if he breaches the order a fine of $200 will be issued.

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Bowls club thief targets home and parklands

JOHN Paul Allwood, who was convicted for stealing food from the Chinchilla Bowls Club in May this year, has faced Chinchilla Magistrates Court on December 8, on similar charges.

The court heard that on an unknown date between July 18 and August 18, the 41-year-old gained entry to a residence on Chinchilla St and took a number of items including assorted clothing, a blanket, a used light bulb, a blender, a rice cooker and a bag of rice.

He was sentenced to eight months imprisonment wholly suspended for 12 months and a conviction was recorded for entering dwelling and commit indictable offence.

Convictions were also recorded for possess utensils or pipe for use and stealing.

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Judge: ‘Do you want to spend your last years known as a thief?’

AFTER a 74-year-old man entered a women’s property and stole farming equipment, a judge has asked him if he would like been known a thief in later stages of life.

Michael Wayne Mclennan pleaded guilty in Chinchilla Magistrates Court on January 9 to one count of stealing and one count of trespassing.

Mclennan was fined $800 for both offences and a conviction was recorded.

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