Murder victim found in froglike position


A Wynnum man was murdered during an unexpected, violent stabbing attack, after his ex-partner and the father of two of her children went to his unit to seriously assault him, a prosecutor has alleged.

Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the Supreme Court Emily Jane Tracey took steps to fake an alibi that she was visiting her father in palliative care on the night James Switez-Glowacz was killed in 2018.

In his Crown opening, Mr Boyle said Paul Mathew Moore, who also is charged with the murder, told police: "She got him to open the door. Then I walked in there and just started laying into him. It got out of hand.''

Mr Switez-Glowacz, 36, died from a haemorrhage caused by multiple stab wounds, the court heard on the first day of the Brisbane murder trial.


Murder victim James Switez-Glowacz
Murder victim James Switez-Glowacz


Tracey and Moore have each pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Switez-Glowacz on February 6, 2018.

Mr Boyle said it was the Crown case that both were at Mr Switez-Glowacz's unit that night and both were involved in his murder.

He said Mr Switez-Glowacz's father found his son lying dead in the loungeroom of his unit in Florabelle Court, Wynnum West, "surrounded by a pool of blood'', on February 8, 2018.

Mr Boyle said James Switez-Glowacz's body was in a froglike position, on his knees, with his legs out to the side, leaning forward, with his head to the ground.

His right arm was behind his back and his T-shirt was pulled up, covering the back of his head, neck and face, the court was told.

A forensic pathologist estimated Mr Switez-Glowacz had been dead for two or three days.

Mr Switez-Glowacz had four stab wounds to the back of his head and four to his upper back and a wound behind his right ear, Mr Boyle said.

The court heard Tracey had a child with Mr Switez-Glowacz during their on-again, off-again relationship, and she told police he had been violent.



The Crown alleges Tracey and Moore, the father of Tracey's twins, drove to Mr Switez-Glowacz's unit in her car on the night he was killed, with CCTV footage showing them on the way.

The Crown alleges they were both perpetrators of the murder, or one enabled or encouraged the other, but both were criminally responsible.

Mr Boyle said they had a common intent to go to Mr Switez-Glowacz's unit to seriously assault him, and what occurred was a consequence of carrying that out.

The court heard both Tracey and Moore initially denied going there.

Later Tracey allegedly told police she went there with Moore but she stayed in the car when Moore went inside and she did not know what happened.

Mr Boyle said some witnesses said Moore told of stabbing Mr Switez-Glowacz seven or eight times in the neck, but then said he was only joking.

Mr Boyle said the jury would hear that in a Facebook discussion with another person 16 days before the death Moore allegedly said he would stab Mr Switez-Glowacz through the neck.

The murder weapon has never been found.

The trial is continuing.




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