Jade Pearson is missing
Jade Pearson is missing

UPDATE: 12yo Gladstone girl found


Missing 12-year-old Jade Pearson has been found and picked up from the Gladstone Police Station. 

Ms Penk - who arrived home with her daughter just after 1.30pm - said she was relieved to have found her safe and sound, and was grateful to the community for their help. 

"I'm still stunned at the whole situation and how my daughter could be so silly to endanger herself when I know I've taught her better," she said. 

"I just pray she understands how scared I have been for her safety."


IT'S any parent's worst nightmare, and Gladstone mum Jamie Penk is living it. Her daughter, 12-year-old Jade Pearson, didn't come home last night.

She's terrified her daughter has been hurt, or worse. She wants our help to try and get word out to Jade.

The last time Ms Penk spoke to her daughter was yesterday afternoon when Jade asked if a friend could stay over for the third night in a row.

When Ms Penk said no, Jade hung up and hasn't been heard from since.

Ms Penk didn't sleep last night, instead sitting up watching her phone hoping simply to hear that her daughter was safe.

She hasn't filed a missing person report yet because she knows her daughter "is being a little brat" because she said no to have a friend stay over.

But police did come to her home last night at 2am.

"I am so worried she will be hurt," Ms Penk said.

"She probably thinks that she is in trouble, and there will be consequences, but right now I just need to know that she hasn't been hurt. I need to know she is safe."

Gladstone police are aware of the situation and conducting patrols, but confirmed no official missing persons reports have been filed.

Jade is not the only child who didn't come home when she was supposed to; there are reports of at least two other teens who are also missing.

Last night Ms Penk heard from another mother who saw a group of kids behind Big W at Kin Kora.

"Two of the girls got in the car with her, but Jade and this other boy ran off into the darkness," Ms Penk said.

"It freaks me out - she is 12 and she shouldn't be out at night without a parent."

Ms Penk said when Jade's grandmother went out looking for her at 2am a man tried to get convince her to get in his car.

"She said he circled her three times before pulling up.

"There are men like that out there prowling the streets."

If you have any information, contact Gladstone Police on 4971 3222.

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