Jake Edmonds on Martina at the Miles Show Tuesday May 22, 2018.
Jake Edmonds on Martina at the Miles Show Tuesday May 22, 2018. Brooke Duncan

Miles Show: Fun for all the family

THERE was something for everyone at this year's Miles Show.

With events from cattle showing to craft displays, poultry to pencil art, and showgirl competitions to sideshow alley, the Miles Showground was filled with the incredible variety of talent in the region.

For show society secretary Vikki Knight, the day was busy with numbers fluctuating compared to past shows.

"Cattle numbers are good, horse numbers are down but our quality is very high from our chief steward,” Mrs Knight said.

"Our judges have travelled from far and wide, as far as Fernvale, and we have local judges in the cattle ring, in Will Loundon, GLD manager Wandoan, and Reiner Vresk who is a retired Brahman breeder from the local district.

"So we've had a good response in the cattle, we had our youth competition last night which we had about 20 kids participating,” she said.

Meanwhile Chief Steward of the Pavilion Susan Gale explained this year's show had a lovely display of craftsmanship.

"We've got a lovely display of handcraft... the beautiful teddy bears, they're my favourite pick, they're gorgeous,” Mrs Gale said.

But Mrs Gale explained some sections were down in numbers from previous years.

"We're down in our junior craft which, we're disappointed because the ladies have done a power of work to try and encourage our juniors to enter,” she explained.

"We've had a pretty good showing in our cookery over the way, and produce is probably down a bit but that's probably due to the weather.

"But there are quite a few good entries over there and floriculture, they had quite a few entries too.”

Mrs Gale explained the roses section in particular was also smaller than it had been in the past.

"I feel, once again, it's probably climatic, due to the weather, because I know my roses are not doing very well at the moment, not that I ever enter them because mine just can't compete with what I see in there, but generally we're relatively pleased with the response this year,” she said.

One section that's absolutely blooming is the photography competition.

"We've got record photography entries this year,” Mrs Gale said.

"We've got over 350 photos, and we've got our art section, our art steward was saying she feels that we've probably got a few more paintings than last year so that's good, that's up.

"The photography's absolutely beautiful, our judge had a very difficult time choosing some of her champions.”

The overall standard of handcraft Mrs Gale explained was quite good, with the artwork judge particularly impressed, and the cookery competition also doing well.

"We just would really like to encourage people to begin planning for next year's show,” she said.

For Mrs Gale, it was wonderful to look at the entries and see the myriad talents in the region.

"I'm a craftswoman myself and I look around and I see some of the work and I think 'Oh it's so beautiful, I wish I could do that'.

"But we all have our talents, and we all express ourselves in different ways and it's just wonderful to come and see what other people do and maybe you develop a new idea, take on a new craft.”

But it wasn't just the pavilion in full swing, with plenty of action and horsemanship on show in the ring.

For Quarter Horse Working Class winner Jess Thomas it was great to get a win on her horse Royal N Swift Chick, who she bred and trained herself.

"This is her second time to the show, she's a rodeo barrel racing mare,” Miss Thomas explained. "So a lot of work goes into them (the horses), you've got to do a lot of foundation work, a lot of collection work, training like that, getting your leads right, your slidestops and your rollbacks, lot of work goes into them but it's worth it in the end when they pick up prize money and ribbons and everything.”

Out in the ring watching the action were Showgirl entrants Aylah Knight and Erin Osborn.

Miss Knight explained she entered the competition to represent the show society.

"Well I've been a heavy part of the show committee for eight years now, my mother is actually the secretary , I'm involved in right through a lot of the things like organising right through to cattle stewarding and running of the young judges and paraders last night, and I've also been competing... so I've just been heavily involved my whole life.

Meanwhile for Miss Osborn, it was a competition she'd considered entering for years.

"I was actually approached by Vikki Knight the secretary to take part in the show, I've been here for... years and attended the show and I thought what better way to get more involved with something that our community holds very dear to it's heart,” Miss Osborn explained.

"It's very hands on role, you get more involved in the behind the scenes and the important competitions the show runs and actually gets you more involved as well... it is something that any girl would never regret, it is a lovely experience.”

Rural ambassador winner Megan Krause was also soaking in the action, and explained she entered the competition due to it's focus on the agricultural industry within the show movement.

"I've grown up in Miles all my life and helped out at my grandparents property and I've been showing cattle at local and other shows around Queensland for about seven years now,” Miss Krause said.

"(It's) basically just trying to get young people in and involved to support our local ag industries and keep them moving forward and bridge the gap.”

Tapping into the junior entries is also on the mind of show society secretary Vikki Knight.

"Junior participation is down a little bit this year,” she explained.

"Even though we try and encourage through all the schools, advertising, and trying to get the schools involved, which they do a great job on their displays, we need to get the schools behind the society to encourage the kids to do their own individual thing and put in their own outside of their school display, so we can get our next generation quite involved into our shows.”

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