CHARGED: A Chinchilla grandmother faces local court for 14 charges. Pic: Supplied
CHARGED: A Chinchilla grandmother faces local court for 14 charges. Pic: Supplied

Drug dealing nanna caught drug driving assaults police

A CHINCHILLA grandmother faced a huge rap sheet at court, racking up more than 13 charges which included drug dealing, assaulting police with a water hose, driving on meth, and brawling in the courtroom.

Katrina Mona-Margaret Gibson, 44, faced Chinchillas Magistrate court on Thursday, March 19, for 14 charges which included driving high on meth, stealing, assaulting police officers, drug supply and more.


Assaulting police with a garden hose

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told the court on Friday, November 15 2019, Gibson had lit a fire in her front yard during a fire ban, and when police asked he to put it out she lashed out aggressively at officers spraying them in the face with water.

"She was asked by police to put it out… she grabbed the garden hose swinging it around above her hear narrowly missing the police," Snr Const Tahana said.

"(Gibson) was screaming at police calling them f-king dogs, she was angry and agitated and aggressive towards police - both verbally and in her demeanour.

"She turned the hose spraying senior constable Leahy in the face and then turning the hose spraying (the other officer) hitting him in the face.

The court heard Gibson then locked herself in her house refusing to leave, turned on loud music, and told police "I'm going for a bath - f-k off c-nts."

Defence lawyer Brad Skuse said the reason Gibson had lit a fire in her yard was to burn a dead bird that was covered in ants on her porch.

"She placed the dead bird in a fire pit and placed some grass on top of that to burn the carcass… she instructs she intended to extinguish the fire properly," he said.


Drug dealing "shirts"

In relation to the drug charges, Snr Const Jodie Tahana said a search warrant was executed at Gibson's address, and officers found messages on her mobile phone setting up drug deals where weed was referred to as 'shirts'.


Driving on meth and weed

On Friday, July 5 2019, Snr Const Tahana said Gibson was pulled over by police and performed a roadside drug test which came back positive.

"When asked, she did admit to recent drug use stating she smoked a joint the previous evening and had taken about a point of meth three days prior," she said.

"Later analysis returned a certificate of methamphetamine and cannabis."


Courtroom brawl

On Thursday, September 12 2019, the court heard Gibson was involved in a fight while waiting to attend court - subsequently resulting in her being charged with public nuisance and obstructing police.

Snr Const Jodie Tahana said the first fight started outside which escalated and moved inside the courtroom where Gibson had to be physically removed by police.



Snr Const Tahana went on and said the stealing charge was in relation to property stolen from the local recycling centre on Friday, June 28 2019.

"While waiting for the attendant she stole three items putting them in her vehicle, she then leaves… the attendant checked CCTV footage and saw (Gibson) removing those items," Snr Const. Jodie Tahana said.

One of the items stolen was a green motorbike helmet.



Magistrate Tracy Mossop said the amount and escalation of Gibson's crimes were concerning.

"I'm going to issue you with a sentence today of a probation order,

"A probation order is designed to provide the community some protection… but it's also designed to protect you and address issues that are causing you to offend," Magistrate Mossop said.

Gibson was placed on an 18-month probation order in relation to all offences bar the following two.

For contravening police orders and failing to comply with state of fire emergency declarations, Gibson was convicted but not further punished - she was also disqualified from driving for three months due to drug driving.

The grandmother pleaded guilty to the charges and a conviction was recorded for all 14 offences.

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