Man steals $88,000 ring at Kawana Waters Hotel

THE cost of stealing an $88,000 ring from a woman at Kawana Waters Hotel included the price tag and a jail term for Daniel Peter Seccombe.

The ring was never recovered after Seccombe made a mad dash with it as the owner and police chased him, and he will have to pay the insurer who reimbursed the owner $88,000.

Justice James Douglas ordered the 31-year-old pay the money when he sentenced him on 24 offences in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Monday.

Seccombe pleaded guilty to the charges, which included stealing, dangerous driving, disqualified driving and a drug offence.

He was on a suspended sentence when he committed the offences.

In similar circumstances to the ring theft - Seccombe asked the ring owner if he could see the piece of jewellery she was selling and ran away with it when she handed it to him - he also stole a motorcycle.

Seccombe took a motorcycle for a "test run" and never returned it.

The $12,000 bike was never recovered.

The court heard although he had been disqualified from driving many times, it had not stopped him from driving while unlicensed.

After reading Seccombe's seven-page criminal past, Justice Douglas described Seccombe's traffic history as disturbing and said he had an "extraordinary disregard" for the law and people.

Police found eight empty clip-seal bags, a chemical agent used to dilute drugs, two phones and digital scales in Seccombe's car.

He maintained he was using drugs heavily at the time, but did not sell them.

Seccombe said he had contacted a residential drug rehabilitation facility to seek help.

He was sentenced to four years jail, but after taking into account 117 days he had spent in custody his parole eligibility date was set for January 13, 2017.

Justice Douglas also issued a serious drug offence certificate and disqualified Seccombe from driving for five years.


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