Man seen grabbing goose by the neck and abducting it

A YOUNG man was seen grabbing a goose by the neck, "throwing it around" and putting it in the back of his car on Sunday.

Mt Pleasant resident Natalie Phelan was shocked as she watched the scene unfold during her morning bicycle ride.

"I was sitting at the traffic lights near the Caltex service station near the Gooseponds when I heard a loud screeching of tyres," Mrs Phelan said.

"I looked around and saw the geese crossing in front of this car when all of a sudden a young guy in a hoodie jumped out, ran around the front of the car and grabbed a goose by the neck."

"He was throwing it around by the neck and being silly," she said.

"He got back into the back seat of the car and the group sped off yahooing with excitement."

Another passer-by pointed out there was a dog in the back of the car along with five or six other people.

"It was really traumatising and the other lady was really distressed as well," Mrs Phelan said.

"It was just a cruel act and they thought it was funny."

Mrs Phelan reported the incident to police as soon as she got home but they told her the theft of the animal might not be in their jurisdiction

"They said unless it's owned by somebody like the council they didn't think they could probably do anything about it...they weren't really breaking a law," she said.

"If it was a dog or cat you could report them and they could be charged for doing the same thing."

Mrs Phelan said police took down details of the incident and told her they have filed a report and will follow it up.

Mackay's RSPCA inspector Natalie Aitken advised Mrs Phelan to report the incident to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

"These birds are living in their natural habitat and shouldn't be removed," Ms Aitken said about the incident.

Mrs Phelan added it's an awful thing to happen to an animal that has become part of the community and a popular place for parents to take their children to feed the birds.

"You don't want that sort of stuff going on where you live and where you take your kids," she said.

"What sort of person does that and what then could they possibly do to another person or animal?"

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Mackay Police have been contacted and the Daily Mercury is awaiting their reply.

Mrs Phelan described the vehicle as a small, sky blue car similar to a hatchback.

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