25 YEARS SERVING: Tyson Golder, Stephen Long of the Miles SES, and Rob Bundy at the awards.
25 YEARS SERVING: Tyson Golder, Stephen Long of the Miles SES, and Rob Bundy at the awards. Jorja McDonnell

Local unsung heroes thanked for service

IF THE world had superheroes, then surely the brave band of volunteers constituting the State Emergency Service would claim that title.

To mark the start of Queensland's SES week, a small ceremony was held in Wallumbilla on Saturday to award local SES heroes for their service.

Volunteers from Stanthorpe to Cunnamulla received awards for long service, meritorious service, and providing life-saving assistance in emergencies.

Southwest SES regional manager Rob Bundy said the service, and SES Week at large, was an important date in the calender to acknowledge the huge commitment made by each member.

"This week is a time to say thank you to the volunteers, not only for the time they put in when events occur, but also the time they so generously give to ensure they are a skilled and professional rescue organisation,” he said.

Locally, Neville Davison from Tara was acknowledged with the Commissioner's 40 Years Service Shield. Chinchilla's Barry Kerr and Tara's Jayden Hughes received an SES Week award for their professional response delivering a life-saving treatment to a 16-year-old in a motorbike incident at the Glenmorgan Trail ride.

After volunteering for more than 25 years, Miles SES Group Leader Stephen Long was a recipient of the prestigious National Medal for Long and Diligent Service.

Mr Long said he continues to volunteer in an effort to make a difference.

"It's a sense of giving back to the community, seeing people in sometimes the worst time of their lives when you are allowed to help,” he said.

"That's the main reason I keep doing it, and also, the lifelong lasting friendships that you make.

"I have been fortunate to lead some of the better people getting jobs done, and this end result is really satisfying, it's just the icing on the cake.”

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