ALWAYS REMEMBERED: Rose Otto was a pleasure to anyone who knew her.
ALWAYS REMEMBERED: Rose Otto was a pleasure to anyone who knew her.

Local mum remembered for hard working and caring nature

Known for her desire to the make the most of life with family and friends and her caring, understanding and forgiving nature, Roslyn Otto will always be remembered for showing a kindness to others in her daily life.

A cafe worker at the Melegon’s Cafe, a dancer with the Chinchilla Dance Club and a carer for people at Calma Court, Roslyn, better known as Rose, was born in Toowoomba on March 6, 1925.

Rose was the youngest child of three with one brother and one sister.

Rose’s first marriage was to Clive Brown and they had two children.

The Otto family saga began when Rose married Frederick Otto. Rose’s two children joined Frederick’s two children before the couple had three children of their own.

After a few years in Highfields, where Fred owned a piggery, the family moved to Maroochydore, where they operated a cafe.

The family moved to Chinchilla in 1959, where Fred worked on a farm.

There was a lot of hard work and difficult times, mainly due to the financial burden of a large family, but the family have many memories of loving care, understanding and always providing the necessities of life.

“Rose was a patient mother, but sometimes when we were naughty, she would say, ‘I’ve had enough and if you kids don’t behave, I’m going to leave and go to Timbuktu’.

“We never knew where it was, but it sounded scary and far away,” one of her children said.

Rose was a hands-on grandma, always ready to enter into the fun-filled activities of her grandchildren.

“There was a time when her loving grandchildren, Justin, Stephen and Rachael – at the time all under the age of six – tied their long-suffering grandma to a dining chair,” the family said. “Photos of Rose would often show her ‘acting the goat’.

“There is one of her with a sausage sticking out of her mouth poking a funny face.”

Rose’s joy in life showed in her love of dancing.

“We remember her jigging around to Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock,’’ her children said.

When her Frederick sadly passed away in 1980, Rose joined the Chinchilla Dance Club where she developed a close friendship with John Melegon.

During their years together, “his Rosie’’ was a vital helpmate to John.

As John’s eyesight, hearing and general health deteriorated, Rose was his eyes and ears, his secretary, chauffeur and his nurse.

John’s passing in 2013 ended another era of loving service, but Rose’s own health began to cause her problems.

After suffering some serious heart problems, Rose decided she felt safer and well cared for at Illoura where she spent her last three years.

Rose passed away peacefully at Illoura with family by her side on December 19.

The final words from the children were: “Mum, this is your time to leave us for eternal peace. We love and thank you for your care and remember you as the individual person you were.’’

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