Littleproud returns for show

STOMPING GROUND: Maranoa MP David Littleproud pictured with Mayor Paul McVeigh and CCCI president Rob Hart in Chinchilla.
STOMPING GROUND: Maranoa MP David Littleproud pictured with Mayor Paul McVeigh and CCCI president Rob Hart in Chinchilla. Matthew Newton

HIS boss may be the Prime Minister but that didn't stop Maranoa MP David Littleproud from asking Malcolm Turnbull for a bit of time off so he could return home for the Chinchilla Show.

Mr Littleproud will travel to Chinchilla from Parliament House in Canberra on Friday to present the Littleproud Trophy at the show for the very first time.

The longstanding Fraser Family Trophy has been renamed in honour of Mr Littleproud and his family's contribution to the community.

The trophy is presented to the person who earns the most amount of points overall in the show pavilion each year.

Show Society President Greg Stanke said it was time for a change as there is not many remaining members of the Fraser family still in Chinchilla.

"There was about six girls in the Fraser family and they've almost all passed on,” he said.

"They were a strong family of graziers that exhibited cattle and back in those days the women used to be... a lot of families didn't buy cakes and biscuits they would bake them themselves and the Fraser women, before they got married, did a lot of cooking and exhibited in the pavilion and that's why they presented the trophy...they're an old grazing family and cooks from way back... it's been going for as long as I can remember.”

"David's office asked what they could do to help the show society,” he said.

"It's an honour that Chinchilla has produced a person who now works in Canberra, when we decided to ask David to be at the show I rang his office and when we told him what weekend the show was on his secretary said 'that's the week he's in parliament' but came back and said 'we can't turn your request down because David wants to go back to the town where he was born', so he's had to get a leave of absence from parliament... from Mr Turnbull just to be here.

"I'll congratulate him for being an important enough Chinchilla citizen that his boss has let him go back to his old stomping ground.”

Mr Littleproud said he is looking forward to returning to his home town and is excited about driving the dodgem cars.

"From all the things I've done so far as a member this is one of the best, because I remember going to the show as a kid - it was a cracking couple of days; side show alley and everything that went with it,” he said.

Mr Littleproud said the Chinchilla community had shaped who is is today.

"It wasn't just mum and dad it was the whole town.

"It's one of those things, you're proud to come from Chinchilla, that's what it (the trophy) means to me.”

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