Taegan Stevens and her son Oscar Rochford.
Taegan Stevens and her son Oscar Rochford.

Let's help young Oscar win fight of his life

OSCAR Rochford is only three but is facing the battle of a lifetime.

Oscar was born a seemingly normal little boy but when he was seven months old it was discovered he was having up to 100 seizures a day and as a result was not developing correctly.

He now suffers from severe epilepsy, level five cerebral palsy, vision impairment and also eats through a feeding tube.

His seizures have now eased thanks to medication but his parents still have to watch him around the clock.

His mum Taegan Stevens looks after him during the day and his dad Andrew Rochford stays awake at night to watch him.

That means neither parent can work.

Ms Stevens said it was incredibly hard to watch her son suffer.

"He isn't intellectually impaired so essentially he is stuck inside his own mind," she said.

"He is so clever and it breaks my heart knowing that this is his life."

Oscar Rochford
Oscar Rochford

As a result of Oscar's disabilities he is unable to do anything for himself and is restricted to a disability pram that is so large and complex it doesn't fit in generic car boots.

Ms Stevens is now appealing to others to help raise funds to buy a modified vehicle.

In the past Oscar has missed specialist appointments because of the length of time it takes to get him in and out of the car.

She said it was a struggle no child or family should have to go through.

"Oscar requires aid in all aspects of his life including toileting and showering. He is unable to speak, lift his head or control the constant thrashing," she said.

"It is extremely hard to see him go through this and it takes a huge toll on the family.

"He is very tall for his age and his unpredictable movements mean we struggle to get him through car doors into his car seat and now require a sliding door to get him into a car safely.

"We are very limited to the outings we take as it is a massive ordeal to get Oscar to appointments and school.

"With a modified vehicle we would be able to spend more quality time together as a family, and most importantly, it would give Oscar more quality of life.

"I know everyone is doing it hard and I hate having to ask for help but it could make such a difference in Oscar's life."

The family's goal is to raise $45,000.

If you would like to donate visit gogetfunding.com/funds-for-oscar-new-wheels/.

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